Election 2023: Monarch Advises Uvwie Politicians to ensure peaceful election to avoid God’s Wrath

State News

The Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom, HRM Emmanuel Ekemejewa Sideso, Abe 1, JP. OON has told Uvwie politicians to remember that they are brothers from one family warning that the wrath of God will visit anybody who engages in any act of criminality

Addressing political leaders, security agencies and stakeholders at the weekend on the forthcoming general election, the monarch told them to play by the rules to ensure peace in the kingdom as public officers were supposed to provide service to humanity

According to him, the purpose of a stakeholders meeting which was also held four years ago was to promote peaceful election for the interest of everybody in Uvwie Kingdom.

“We cannot fold our hands and allow the situation to deteriorate as we are all children from the same worm, but the struggle for power must be done decently” he stressed

The Monarch reminded them that Uvwie was no longer a village and any situation in the community was immediately reported all over the world therefore peace must be promoted.

He said Politics was not war and must not be allowed to divide Uvwie because there would be life after the election.

HRM Sideso expressed appreciation for the brotherly manner the politicians conducted themselves since they arrived in his palace and urged them to continue as power belongs to God.

“Politics should not divide the community. What you are entitled to, you will get by the grace of God. Buhari did not know he will be President when he joined the army. It is the Will of God. God did not say you should kill to assume any position” he stressed.

The Monarch appealed to the security agencies to maintain their neutrality during the period of the election as this would go a long way to sustain the peace.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the PDP, APC, Labour Party, APGA and AAC and some candidates who praised the monarch for his fatherly role.

Also speaking during the occasion, one of the party representatives complained of vandalisation of his party’s banners but the monarch said he had already taken up the issue with the LGC Chairman.

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