When it comes to spiritual values, the selfish and coldly-calculating intellect must be kept silent, else its myopic and rigid view will take precedence, and confusion and falsehood will arise.

This topic on broader thought is expected to loosen some stubborn and unforgiving and vengeful hearts, to give way for humility and genuine Love for our transgressors. First of all, what do I mean by forgiveness?

Forgiveness could be referred to as the genuine and absolute change of heart, not to revenge or retaliate an offence or infringement on ones right unconditionally, due to ones level of spiritual maturity; whereas, a gift is a present meant for a loved one or for having overcome certain difficult challenges, test etc.I must commence by stating that the Will of the Almighty rules the World! And that all that issues from Him are subservient to IT.

And this is expressed in His immutable and adamantine laws which are fundamentally three namely; the Law of reciprocity, the Law of attraction of homogeneity and the Law of spiritual gravity, which are interwoven.

More so, in His Will lays Divine Justice, Love and Purity inseparably linked together. In His Justice lies forgiveness, mercy and Grace which are not arbitrarily merited!

The basic facts about forgiveness is that the person who infringes on the right or inflicts pain on the other wittingly or unintentionally, openly or covertly has burdened himself or tied a knot spiritually which he must untie through seeking for forgiveness from the sufferer, else he will not rise to the luminous realms after death, he must re-incarnate on earth to close the cycle.

Many families are plagued with prolonged and inexplicable crisis, some brothers and sisters hate each other with passion defying all solutions, with uninforgiving hearts, even leading to vendetta, pointing to the probable fact that such crisis might have stemmed from past incarnations, opportunity to settle scores stare at them in the face unknown to them!

The situation is the same if you are the sufferer; its more beneficial to forgive your offender in other to close the vicious cycle of reincarnations, which invariably could mean, you are forgiven your own sins too. We only need to take our time, for time heals our wounded hearts!  A burden you will lift from yourself freely out of genuine love for the other, so that you enjoy supreme happiness and good healths.


The folly of making confessions before a religious dignitary or a priest should be discouraged for it holds no water before the irrevocable laws of the Most-High. Nobody can assume the Sacred Duties of The Executive Justice of The Most-High, The Holy Spirit! Who in His expressed Will takes care of unseen crimes and stupid defence crafted by man’s intellectual-cunning, even if he is acquitted by the best earthly Judge!

More so, wisdom lays in forgiveness, but guide against misplace indulgence. In parable of unmerciful servant by Christ:  Peter said Lord, how often do I forgive sin against me and I forgive him? Jesus told him; seventy times seven-Matt. 18:21-35(the need to be large hearted).

Such attitude of not forgiving had led many leaders, to have unbroken chains of enemies in the world today! The essence of leadership is being compromised on the altar of personal interest (fear of facing the wrath of atrocities meted to their subjects after resignation).

The need to perpetuate stay on power arises, leading to power tussle among rivals. This horrible phenomena is seen in aspect of human leadership you least expect it hence, the urgent need for one to regard any opportunity to discharge a duty as a means to untie knots through noble deeds, with forgiving heart.

Conclusively, no matter what, when, how and who inflicts pain and deprivation on you, you should see forgiveness not as a gift to the offender but to yourself.

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