How to Use Lemon as a Medicine


lemonLemon has been used since antiquity for its incredible healing power. Lemons are not expensive, always available and have multipurpose. Lemon belongs to the group of citrus fruits, which include in grapefruit, oranges and more. This yellow sour fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin B, minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium. It also contains proteins and carbohydrates.

The peel of lemon is rich in vitamin P and fitocyd substances that destroy microbes. The peel is very useful and contains essential oils to boost your immunity, lower cholesterol, headache, nausea, prevent atherosclerosis and improve memory and concentration.

Some Usages of Lemons

Headaches – squeeze some lemon juice in your coffee.
Lemon helps fight acne. If you have oily skin, apply to the face with lemon juice 2 times a day. Leave to act for 5 minutes and wash.
Lemon can be used as a natural antiseptic to your wounds, because it stops the bleeding.
To reduce pain at the sting of a bee or wasp, use pure lemon juice.
Regular intake of lemon in the body helps with kidney stones.
Lemon mixed with olive oil helps combat the gall stone.

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