The issue of Karma has to be put in its proper context. Karma does not necessarily entail punishment or destruction, but correction. We are expected to learn from what we reap from our past acts of sowing in this and previous lives on Earth. Our Creator has not set out to punish anybody but to build, mature, and strengthen us through the experiences we go through every day. Joy and sadness are constantly rapping on our doors in order to awaken us, spiritually. We have to learn from our mistakes and wrong deeds by experiencing the repercussions of our thoughts, utterances and actions. We have to be encouraged and molded to become better human beings because of the good fortunes that come our way. We have to accept every event, every experience with Joy, and Gratitude, for the Will of GOD is in control of events in Creation through the automatic operation of the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Repercussions from our past activities are constantly assailing and confronting us.  This is because nobody is on this Earth for the first time. We are at the tail end of a long Spiritual course in the School of Life called Earth and the lower portion of Creation.
Nobody has not been rich at one point or the other in the past. We are all now reaping the consequences of how we used money and wealth in our past lives. When we see human beings embroiled in very serious poverty-there is a reason for it because GOD does not punish anybody arbitrarily. The earthly physical organs are meant to cater to one physical life on earth and cannot readily perceive beyond one life time unless guided by the Spirit. Thus, the need for Spiritual awakening and consciousness; and the need to listen to our Inner Voice!
Under the Law of Karma, we also reap the consequences of our past GOOD deeds! Good fortune regularly drop on the laps of human beings, who seemingly, do not deserve it.  A bad person may appear not to have been punished severely enough for his bad deeds! This is because his present good deeds have reduced the severity of the consequences of his past bad deeds.  These are all interventions from our past lives! Past good deeds intervening in the present! Let us all therefore do good things at all times!

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