THE FURIES AS DEMONS AT WORK by Oghenejobor St. Paul Igho


Everyone is focused on the external happenings of the #Endsars protest. While I don’t object to people calling out for what is right, we should be very mindful of the Dark currents that has taken on strong forms all around us.
 I told some friends that we live in a time that the Furies as demons are unleashed, they move around the earth plane, more in places where chaos is brewing to find anchorage with homogenous dark souls.
Unfortunately, some human beings who should know better, still lend a hand to the Dark power centers of hate, vindictiveness, anger and bitterness.
The Laws of Creation is perfect, it doesn’t care about our small human opinions of how we judge right and wrong.
If we speak and act in hate, vindictiveness anger and bitterness Dark forms will emerge to strengthen Dark human beings to cause destruction, if they are words of good will, peace, love and with the strong will for Justice and for the right things to prevail benevolent entities will arise according to its kind to bring the right situation into being.
We have to pay serious attention to the things we are sending out.
Thought forms of good or bad are real, they can travel very far and wide to cause devastation or bring peace and harmony.
The Dark power centers not physically visible are very real….
What we focus on as good or bad will only grow in stronger energy and will spread out to energize others to do what is right or wrong.
Peace or destruction and chaos…. The choice is ours.
But the consequences will never fail to come.
Now is not the time to share post, videos or images that will incite the Dark currents of the Furies as demons around us.
Many causing mayhem, looting, killing, stealing, raping, kidnapping are controlled by the Furies as demons because they allowed themselves to be connected to them as the product of their evil thoughts forms.
Not many people on earth are from Light regions.More than half of the souls on earth now are from Dark regions. We live with them, play and talk with them. When the Darkness calls….. They will answer to their master…
One call – to call them all….
One call – to find them all…
One call –  to bring them all….. And the Darkness bind them to itself, it is already meeting its doom and sinking.
If you truly identify with the Light… Stand in good thought forms in deeds as a Prayer as the Judgement of God showers vengeance and Justice over the earth, Pray that calmness  blows over the land again after the storm.
 With our good volitions in deeds let us always forge a Light sword around us to destroy the Furies as demons so that they may never rise again.
May the Lord help us. Amen.

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