Whatever one is experiencing now is connected to his past deeds or decisions in accord with the natural law of reciprocal action. In this discuss, I laid emphasis on past earthlife connections.Very often one hears some people say that certain forces disturb their path because of their refusal to yield to their promptings.

Many others would say that anything they put hands in flopp and on enquiry were told that it is connected with demand of a deity worshipped by their fathers or ancestors.
Yet others say that they suffer from unknown sickness or attack regularly and were told that certain demands from the work of their fathers or ancestors need their compliance and so afflict them, and that they can only be freed if they comply.

With this pressure many yield to the demands and begin to serve the force in ‘church way’ as either priests, pastors, men of God imbued with powers or in ‘traditional way’ as Oracle priest or priestess imbued with powers or as native doctors, fortune teller, etc.

One then asks if such force is from Almighty Creator, can it disturb one’s path if not complied to.
Another asks can a deity or a power centre make demands from one not connected with it.
Yet another asks can the Almighty permit that a child suffers for the sin of his father or ancestor
And yet another, if these are really gifts or calls from the Almighty, must the person gifted or called be forced or pressured to use the gift or answer the call.

The answers to these questions can be found only in the right knowledge of reincarnation and right understanding of the natural laws which express the Will of God.

The natural laws draw a soul wishing to reincarnate to a suitable place for its experiencing and to appropriate family that will afford it necessary opportunity to either awaken & develop it’s talents and/or to live off (redeem) his karma.
So a soul in accord with the law of spiritual gravity reincarnates to a nation, and in accord with law of attraction of homogeneous species and law of reciprocal action in a family with people of similar qualities and/or with past deed to redeem.

So every earthman rightly belong to a family of similar spiritual qualities where he could either be connected together with others to some past deeds or be connected individually with one another with some specific guilts.

A past earthlife deed could be forming a cult or membership of a cult. Cults are formed from joint intuitive volitions of a group or a people. People who can form a cult must be from adolescent to adulthood. Those who formed a cult continue to be connected with it from one earthlife to another drawing members in accord with the law of attraction of homogeneous species. And continue to draw strength from it and forced or compelled to obey demands from it.

There are two types of members in a cult group; members from past earthlife and first timers i.e. those joining for the first time.
The process of joining is by initiation. Intiation is a ritual performed on the person being admitted.
Both types of members must undergo the initiation to be either readmitted in this earthlife if a past earthlife member or be admitted as a new member.

A member from the past earthlife can be initiated with his consent or without it.
If it must be without his consent, then the initiation would take place in childhood, that is before generative power sets in. This is because in childhood,the core of man, the spirit is yet to emerge for real earthlife experiencing permitting his freewill to blossom with attached spiritual responsibility.
If it is to be with his consent, then the person must attain adolescent or adulthood. At this age the generative power had set in, the spirit had emerged for full earthlife experiencing with it’s freewill and accompanying spiritual responsibility.
If at this age, the person refuses initiation, he is afflicted with one form of problem to another until he acquiesce or free himself if he has strong firm volition for it and this requires incisive spiritual self exertion.

A first timer must always be initiated with his consent as an adolescent or adult. He cannot be initiated in childhood.

Connection to past earthlife deed or cult is wrongly said to be from lineage. Spiritual qualities or connections are not heredity. They are simply brought forward by a person or past deeds of the person maturing for him.

Many nation’s or family’s tradition developed from the cults formed by their ancestors and these cults keep influencing them, as long as they are homogeneous to them, from one generation to another without ceasing until in one generation an urge to disconnect takes place and leads to disconnection through another joint volitions of the people concerned.
The cults of the ancestors were anchored on earth in material objects and paid homage to and/or worshipped. Disconnection from them could result as final effect to the destruction of the material objects. Individuals on their own can disconnect too with strong firm volition to do so requiring self exertion.

People who through a cult became healers, clairvoyants, clairaudience, clairsentience, fortune teller, etc are said to be gifted or called. This is wrong.

Gifts or calls from the Almighty are either naturally developed in the course of experiencing on earth or brought forward from cumulative past earthlife experiences to the present or carried within from birth on a mission ordained by God.

The Almighty does not afflict anyone who does not make use of his gifts or answer his call as those who learnt them from cult are.
Any gift or call from the Almighty not used or answered is taken away and given to those who make used of them. Refer to the parable of the talents narrated by Jesus in the Bible (Matthew 25:14-30). The ‘taken away’ or ‘withdrawal’ accords with the law that what is strong draws to itself what is weak within same homogeneity.
Jesus put it thus “for everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away” and given to he who had most.

A gift from the Almighty used wrongly or played with or treated with disrespect or devalued or not taken serious brings harm to the one who so abuse it as is explained by Jesus in the parable of the talents “and cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. The worthless servant abused his talents.
Abdrushin in His Grail Message put it more firmly “No one triffles with the gift of the Almighty without harming himself”. That is to say without burdening himself with guilts.

If one graps the natural laws and the concept of reincarnation well, he will be shown answers to every question that disturb him and other human being.

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