*The Bible says: “In the last days, old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see vision”. But today, our old men are dreaming dreams and seeing vision for us all because majority of the young men of today have lost their visionary abilities to appetite.*

Yesterday, I was in the office when the news came that some of our brothers in the Uvwie axis of Warri have gone mad again and that some persons have been killed already. For me, it wasn’t a surprise as its known that another season of madness is here, a period characterising display of crude cowardice and infantile narcicism of the highest order. The most saddening aspect of it was the enormous joy in the voice of the young man that broke the news to me who happen to be a member of one of the major political parties. In his words, ” Our party is leading the war! The score is 6 to 1 in our favour” . Meaning, party A killed 1 of party B members, while party B so far has killed 6 members of party A in retaliation. What a shameful shame!

While still battling to demystify the mystery behind such manifestation, we got another info that same madness has started in Abraka. Needless to say, these whole rave of rancour and brouhaha cannot but be ascribed to politics.

The fundamental gospel of statistics is to push back the domain of ignorance, tradition, dogmatism so as to pave way for transitivity and better informed judgement or appreciable approach to issues!

However, many of us have remained victims of bad history as we have refused to be transformed by the renewal of our minds via the very recurrent ugly political, and socioeconomic lamentations that have become recurrent decimal in our present day society.

A few years ago, my elder brother lost 3 fingers to violence during election in attempt to protect a candidate who came under an attack. I also know of about 3 young men who have lost their hands as well as many who lost their lives to electoral violence in time past.

Electoral violence and blood shed is a recurrent decimal. Every electoral year, people must die, people must either lose their eyes, hands, legs, ears or nose as the case may be. It is not a curse but a spell cast by chronic ignorance on the part of children of the poor. It is part of the characteristics of the Nigeria context of a GAME OF THRONE!!

Another season is here again! But as usual, majority of our politician friends across the divide – the main actors have taken their immediate family members abroad. They understand very well, THE ACT OF WAR! They know that family is everything and nothing is worth the joy and happiness of your family. They understand the rule of engagement in the game!!

Every political year that passes, there are usually blood that must flow to appease their political deities. Lives must be given up for thrones to be ascended, sacrifices must be made directly or indirectly. But most significantly is that, the only acceptable blood overtime has been that of the children of the poor who remain victim of history and visionary myopia. The children of the rich or candidates can never be victims because their blood remain too sacred for their political deity!

When i say most times that there is no place for the poor in Nigeria, many seem not to get it! The poor are always at the receiving end: the victims of ugly societal circumstances and veritable specimen for negative experimentation.

Our politicians loot our common treasury to the detriment of the electorates who they claim elected them living them to suffer for 3 years just for them to resurface in electioneering times, brain wash and dangle few crumbs at them and their mumu buttons are ignited.

I am not a coward and am not afraid to fight but let it be brave fight, a fight against our true oppressors and not against ourselves: a fight against the ugly face of bad leadership, corruption, equity and justice! Let it be a fight born out of true self realisation and genuine quest to salvage mankind from the delicate interface the vissionlessness of majority of our leaders have plunged us into.

Our true oppressors are those we call leaders! But ironically, they are those we lose our lives for directly or indirectly in times of election.

They are hardly hit by bullets of opposition or their perceived enemies. They are heavily protected and shielded with trucks of combined security operatives and occasionally, armored tanks which make them less vulnerable in times of election crisis(civilian battle field). Even occasionally, when accident occur, it’s usually their aids’ blood that wet the ground!

You are a victim, you are in chains! Yes am talking to you youth of today who hasn’t found value for your existence! You who still queue behind one politician for survival! You who still believe your life and world is built round that politician and as such you must please him at the expense of your life! You who do the dirty jobs for them! Am talking to you the mask man! You who kill your fellow brothers! You who destroy your fellow sisters all for sake of party loyalty!! And most importantly, you who still feel party is supreme to the detriment of the people!!

We are not good students of history!

Dear Mr violent man! The Ijaguda and Onogbozighi 1 of Africa, while this your new found madness last, please be reminded of the few following:

* You have been on this part for long. When your so-called leader thinks of violence, I mean tasks that is life demanding, he or she thinks of you but how far has this job taken you in life and robbed off on your immediate family?

* Mr Commando, kindly remember that you are not a robot but human with blood in your vein ooo! Many have died in this course over the years. Today, nobody (including their so-called leaders) knows how their innocent widows manage to take care of themselves and their children;

* There is no duplicate for life or human parts that can replace your originals. Artificial hands or legs can never take the place of original. When you lose your hand , finger or leg today, what would you tell your children happened to you tomorrow? Note: what makes such injuries life time scars is the fact that you keep answering questions about it all your life till you die.

* Also note and even more importantly, that any innocent blood you shed today would certainly be upon your head!! Nothing can erase it and there must be a repercussion as they that kill by the sword must surely die by the sword as well!!

Food for thought:
Another election is imminent! I pray God you should not be counted among victims in Jesus Name! Be Wise!!

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