In The Spirit of Christmas … BY Charles Ayo Dada



Search for that experience or person that annoys you, who has grieved you deeply and caused you the greatest pain.

When you have found it, quieten your ego and reach for your deepest self in humility.

When that connection has been forged, ask the Universe for strength and understanding – the type it took The Son of God to wield – when dealing with human filth, which eventually nailed him to the cross as a blasphemer of the very Father, by whom He was sent …

Go further in your visions and glean, that despite these horrific and exceedingly cruel acts, the lips of The Nazarene would part .. and with faint and dying breaths would plead that His Father forgive us … since we did not know what we were doing!

And only upon hearing these words, would the heaving, devastated, and exceedingly angry servants of Nature, roll back on the grave implications of this dastardly act … and renege from destroying the world!

Even then, mighty winds would blow, the earth would quake, and darkness completely cover the land!

The centurion would drop on his knees in reverence and exclaim: “Surely, this was The Son of God!”

Bring everyone who grieves and has hurt you this day, to that hallowed space in Golgotha, and let the scenes play again in your spirit, whereby One who had done no wrong, was crucified with a crown of thorns, pierced in his ribs with a spear, and forced to drink of bitter gall …

In this pain, he would not deny his origin and neither would He deny His sacred Mission of bringing salvation to mankind … in The Holy Words He spoke!

Rather, in an unfathomable act of graciousness, He would utter the greatest prayer of intercession in recorded history … to stave the inevitable!

Who amongst mortal men, could in the midst of such mockery and pain, wield love as the greatest power in such a treacherous hour?!

Stand you this day before the Nazarene in Golgotha, oh man, and forgive anyone who has hurt or wronged you …

Give of yourself completely, with great love in your heart for The Father, and then embrace the spirit of Christmas … as Christmas in return embraces you.

And the power from On High will then descend into your soul, refreshing, renewing, reinvigorating, uplifting, and empowering you for all time.

Receive the gift of love this Christmas.


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