The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Seye Aluko

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A murder is a deliberate and unlawful killing of a human being. A Saudi Arabian journalist Mr. Jamal #Khashoggi was recently murdered in cold blood in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul,Turkey. And because of the callous and brutal nature of his killing, there has been a great outcry that has reverberated throughout the world!

Now let us examine the reason why there is so strident an outcry. All nations in far flung countries of the world, are apportioned a definite piece of land on which they can erect a set of offices which is called an embassy, or consulate. And this consulate is accorded special status and privileges. One of these privileges is “immunity” which means that the consulate cannot be occupied or invaded by foreign persons. This piece of land is sacrosanct. There can be no invasion of the consulate by foreign bodies, and the consulate serves as a foreign land or as a “home away from home.”for the citizens concerned. Thus for Khashoggi to have been murdered in his own Saudi Arabian embassy, is an act of the highest brigandage, which act cannot be tolerated without an appropriate response! Every attempt must be made to apprehend those behind this despicable act! There have been accusations and counter-accusations. Due to the frosty relationship that has existed between Khashoggi and the Saudi Arabian “Royal House” a wide beam of suspicion now falls on the Saudi Arabian crown Prince and de facto ruler,of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salaman.

But the murder of Jamal Khashoggi has revealed many things to the far-sighted, and one of these is the inept and lukewarm disposition of the American President, Mr. Donald #Trump has shown in the entire episode. Trump had been seen to act to Khashoggi’s demise in a lukewarm manner. Trump has stated that evidence to link the Saudi crown prince to Khashoggi’s murder, have not been conclusive, and that this crime could not be proven to have emanated from the Saudi Royal House. Trump went on to explain that he required for there to be a cordial relationship between America and Saudi Arabia, because America was on the verge of financing a most rewarding warfare contract with Saudi Arabia, which contract was in the range of billions of dollars. Trump went on to explain that the procurement of these grievous war machines was tied in into a number of jobs created for Americans and would then make them avoid the painful fangs of unemployment.

But is there not so much hypocrisy in all these affairs? There is such a great hue and cry about the murder of Khashoggi, which murder was far too crude, too brutal, too hostile! It challenges the sense of justice of all human beings. How can a man be murdered in a nation’s consulate, whose grounds should be hallowed and sacred? How can a nation send a “hit-team” to a foreign land to perpetrate a murder there? How, after the murder, can the murderers tell an amazed world that the body of the unfortunate murder victim cannot be produced! As it is said in American jargon “go and tell that to the marines!”

However, the violent murder of Khashoggi notwithstanding, his murderers cannot be said to be different from all the murderers that dot the multitudinous landscapes of earth. For each of the murderers of Khashoggi, there exist murderers far more cruel than they are! They can be found everywhere!They exist in London, New York, Lagos, Los Angeles etc. In Istanbul and in Ryhdah there exist other murderers that are twice (two times) as callous and pitiless, as the ones that we have here in Istanbul. This is because from the time of Cain and Abel, murder has become part and parcel of men’s social itinerary, of men’s “art” or “stock in trade!” Men have always murdered!

In Nigeria for instance, the citizens rush to retire from the great outdoors, so that robbers may not catch them unawares. Lagos (and the entire nation) is policed by security personnel, iron gates, barbed wires, surveillance cameras, burglary proofing, high walls, savage police dogs, electrified fences etc.just to protect man against man! No matter how grieved any man of conscience feels about Khashoggi’s murder, there are routine murders ever and ever worse, which take place every day, in spite of the fact that they are ten times more debased than those who murdered Khashoggi! Since the time of Cain and Abel, men have never loved one another! Men on earth are confused as to their actual purpose, as they execute their earthly pilgrimages. Men have degenerated! We, men, were scheduled to become “watchmen” in the paradise of our God.But like the persons that murdered Khashoggi, we are mere apes. We are ravenous, (like the Bengal tiger, or treacherous like the spotted hyena, or lethal as the African maned lion, or as venomous as the cape spitting-cobra)!

The great World Teacher, prophet, Envoy of Almighty God, brings to mankind a “Message from the Holy Grail,” which message is titled as follows: “The Grail Message, In the Light of Truth.”(Available in bookshops). Abd ru shin proclaims a scathing appraisal of mankind, blaming him for the deterioration of all facets of life in the stupendous Creation.

In powerful prose Abd ru shin writes:

It is pitiable to see how man on earth works at his retrogression and thus at his destruction under the delusion that he is thereby striding upwards!

“Earthman! A bitter taste is attached to the name of this creature for everything in Creation weaving in the Will of God, and it would seem better for man if this name were no longer uttered, because whenever it is mentioned vexation and uneasiness penetrate the entire Creation at the same time, something that lays a burden upon mankind on earth; “for this vexation, this uneasiness, are a living accusation which forms itself automatically and must confront all mankind on earth adversely.

Due to his wrong activity, which made itself conspicuous in this Creation by hindering, disturbing, and continually doing “harm, man on earth has at last become an outlaw through himself, through his ridiculous pretense of knowing everything better! He has stubbornly and forcibly brought on his expulsion, because he made himself incapable of simply receiving God’s blessings in humility.

“He wanted to make himself the creator, the achiever, he wanted to force the activity of the Almighty into complete submission to his earthly will!

“There is no word which could properly describe such conceited arrogance in its boundless stupidity! Just delve into this hardly credible behaviour yourselves! Imagine man on earth, and how by assuming an air of importance he wishes to place himself above the mechanism of this marvelous work of a Divine Creation (which has up till now remained unknown “to him) in order to direct it, rather than willingly fitting himself into it as a small part thereof…you will not then know whether to laugh or to weep!

“A toad standing before a high rock and wanting to order it to move out of its way does not produce quite so ludicrous an effect as does present-day mankind in his mad ambition towards his Creator!

(The Destroyed Bridge,pg.939, The Grail Message of Abd ru shin).

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