THE GARDEN OF EDEN OR PARADISE? by Senator Victor Kassim Isa Oyofo


The memory of the origin or home or the starting-out-point of Earthmen lie deeply buried in their souls. In quiet moments, the urge to define or at least remember their origin nags their souls and they begin to speculate intellectually. Since the intellect can only comprehend material things, all the speculations and imagings only conjure up pictures that are far from reality and verge on the weird and ridiculous.
This state of affairs that exists with Earthmen is so embarrassing, and unfortunately, even invokes pity. Pity because it reflects the extent of the Fall of Man. This Fall is the reason that practically no man on Earth today has a strong conviction that his home is not and has never been on Earth. Men are so confused and tangled up in their concepts, which are paraded as wisdom, and are acclaimed as scholarly achievements and expounded by supposedly responsible literary magazines.
I have always had a great love for the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. I like their articles both in quality and style. They go into great lengths in researching their works and presenting the results in glossy and beautiful ways that the entire magazine is promoted to the ranks of collectables. Am sure that readers of the magazine will agree with my observations and conclusions on this.
The fact that I studied geography and geology as subjects and ended up as a geologist specialising as a pertroleum geoscientist helped to cultivate my deep interest for the magazine. Every where and any time that I can get a copy, I never pass bye the opportunity to at least glance at the contents page and flip through the pages!
That was how it happened that I got into W.H. Smith, in London. They sell books, magazines, stationeries among other things. My eyes alighted on the magazine section and there was the March/April 2018 edition of the National Geographic Magazine. Among the contents highlighted on the glossy and colourful front page was ORIGINS OF EDEN, Going Back to the Garden.
Inside the Magazine, the article put together by the Archaeologist and writer Javier Alonso Lopez covered twelve pages. Alonso Lopez teaches Biblical Archaeology and History at the University of Madrid, Spain. This is put as the footnote at the end of the article.
As already acknowledged, the article is elaborate and carries many Biblical illustrations of the Creation story dating back many millennia.
There is the 16th Century illustration by Michael Angelo of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden after Adam had eaten the apple. The fresco is on the ceiling of the Sixtine Chapel in Rome. The Sixtine Chapel is named after Pope Sixtus 1V.
Alonso Lopez, cites many so called authorities to establish his claims, after the manner of intellectuals. He goes all over the then known World, to gather materials establishing the Garden of Eden on Earth.
From the Egyptians, he gathered the thinking and beliefs obtaining then, which transmissions and memories,  tireless labour had etched into cave walls and tombs.
From Mesopotamia, he goes into what he called ‘Ancient Origins of Eden.’  The Tigris and Euphrates are named among the four rivers said to flow from Eden called the Rivers of Life.
Conclusively, Alonso Lopez shows a map titled Pinpointing Paradise. It is a map dating back to 1694. It is the work of scholars who set out to provide a geographical location for Paradise. It is authored by Pierre Mortier (1700 AD) based on the treatise by Pierre-Daniel Huet. He pointed Paradise near the Persian Gulf.
Also shown is a beautiful painting of Eve holding an apple or the forbidden fruit. The painting was after the painter’s understanding of Genesis 3:13. The painting was by Lucas Cranach, the Elder in 1531. Lucas was a German Renaissance painter, printmaker in woodcut and engravings. He was a Court painter to the Electors of Saxony. (Wikipedia)
The points I have selected to comment on are not criticism of the author’s work nor are they full representations of the scholarly work as they will describe the work.
I am merely showing how ignorant human beings on Earth are when it comes to real life. Yet, earthmen pride themselves as learned and as scholars and applaud themselves on their scholarly erudition. They award honours to themselves and clap hands on what they call achievements. Yet even the best efforts remain a rummaging in intellectual wilderness when it comes to what is important.
What can be more important than the story of who man is, where he comes from and where he will return to? All these questions are important to the Creation Story. They are the Creation Story.
I shall endeavour to tell the story in a rather summary form, that is, a simple condensed form without losing the essentials.
Paradise is not on Earth and was never on Earth. The speculations about where Paradise is, is a sad testimony of how men had viared away from God and His loving guidance.
Although, in the Bible, the story of Creation is given rather pictorialy, all that the Bible contains about man is after he had fallen and the predictions of what is to happen to him as a consequence of this FALL. Hence the correct account of the coming into being of man on Earth, in particular, and into PostCreation in general, lay in many millennia before, buried in the sands of time.
The records of the beginnings as mentioned dating from many millions of years past have been obliterated under the sands of time or lay deep in the belly of the Oceans. On land also, orogenic movements changed land forms, in some cases turning valleys into mountains and vice-versa. Drifting Continents and cataclysmic effects repositioned populations under the guidance of Elemental Beings and other servants of God. The story of the Continent of Atlantis is very recent by comparison with earlier times mentioned. Even by the time of Atlantis, Earthmen had already Fallen. The influences of Lucifer were so strong that it had to perish under the waves of the Northern Ocean.
That no mention of Atlantis is in the Bible is sufficient proof that the stories in the Bible are partial narratives of the time Earthmen have spent on Earth and in the rest of the universes that bear human life. As a matter of fact, crippling  rigidity had already set in, affecting the Earth and the Earthmen. Some of the effects of this rigidity are that bodies of men became more dense and life span shorter. In parts of the Book of Genesis we read of men who lived for a thousand years and more but this is not so today. All these are a part of the visible consequences of the Fall of Man. Yet Bible scholars and teachers and also the clergy are silent on this because they have no knowledge from where to draw cogent answers!
 So also it is, that efforts by many to interpret the pictorial representations of spiritual happenings given in the Creation story suffered double jeopardy in intellectual wilderness.
Firstly, the overdeveloped intellect obtrudes itself as the highest overall and seeks to provide answers from itself. Hence it focuses on Matter in explaining what happens in Gross Matter!
Secondly, the spirit-man which is walled in, inside the body, who I can call the walled in spirit, lay immured and unable to participate in events concerning itself on Earth. He is then in the Labyrinth of intellectual confusion awaiting the Doomsday of all darkness on Earth.
Where a semblance of participation occurs, it is feeble because the spirit which is falling asleep, is weakly connected to the Spiritual Realm where he is supposed to draw strength.
It is from out of this confused medley, that men have been trying to answer questions concerning Creation. No matter how many efforts and how often, the answers were always going to be wrong.

Until it pleased the Creator Himself, out of His unfathomable Love, to send help again to mankind. Thus Abdruschin was allowed to bring His Work, “In the Light of Truth,” The Grail Message; which He published in 1931. With It, Truth restablished Itself as it was and will remain for ever. Those who seek will find abundantly in it.
Paradise is in the Spiritual Realm of Creation. It is the home of the perfected spirits who came into instant ego consciousness from the creative radiations of God and those who later developed this ego consciousness through helps afforded them in PostCreation. These helps are the Laws of God and those who work in the laws. Basically, therefore, life in Paradise is either conscious or unconscious. The unconscious is the basis of the conscious.
It is here in Paradise that the story of the Earthman began and it is here that it will end either as an ego conscious spirit or an unconscious spirit seed germ after the Final or Last Judgement on Earth and in PostCreation in general.
Every spirit seed germ has the innate urge to be ego conscious because that is the state that permits the conscious participation in the abundance which the radiations of God bestow on those in Paradise. We can call these the enjoyments or the joys of Paradise! The radiations compel maximum exertion of the spirit in contradistinction to slothful indolence many imagine when they think of Paradise!
It is best to think of spirit seed germs as the exhausted residue of the creative spiritual radiations of God. These lie unconscious at the distal end of Paradise waiting for an impulse and additional materials to be complete spirits. These they can only get outside Paradise.
That is why the spirit germs of Earthmen whilst in Paradise as unconscious egos had the innate desire to be conscious. This inner or innate desire formed the propulsion force out of Paradise when it was awakened.
It can be said that awakening the innate desire is already a mark of progress.
The propulsion force sends the individual spirit seed germ out of Paradise downwards into PostCreation to begin his journey of ego consciousness. He is thus ejected from Paradise into the World of Matter for the reason of self development and the realisation of his goal. This is not punishment contrary to the interpretation given by Biblical scholars, the clergy and indeed by everyone and in all religions especially the Judo-Chrstian ones.
Since Lucifer controls all men via the over developed intellect, he was able to plant the idea that this act of love was suffering. Hence the idea gained traction that Adam and Eve were driven out of Paradise on Earth because they ate the forbidden fruit (apple). With this wrong idea men set on a wrong trail consuming vital energies for nothing. They could not even observe the contradiction that Adam and Eve could not have been expelled from Paradise on Earth and still remain on the same earth.
No one asks himself how one man and a woman would have given birth to all the billions of people on Earth? Not to mention separating into races, tribes, languages etc. Instead of the observed facts inducing serious reflections, so called scientists and evolutionists formed weird ideas that the mother and father of all humans originated from Africa! Thus further compounding their ignorance and propounding useless knowledge that can only make Lucifer gloat.
Let us untangle the confusions. Adam and Eve represent man and woman; or masculine and feminine. There were billions of them that left Paradise and entered PostCreation at the same time. PostCreation or the World of Matter is below Paradise. It is not Spiritual. It is a huge and vast region set apart for spirit germs to develop. The universes, in one of which the Earth is located, occupy the densest end of PostCreation.
In its nature, it is not permanent with regard to forms. It has a life cycle which is synchronised with the normal length of time that it takes the spirit germs to conclude their acquisition of this ego consciousness and return to Paradise as perfected and matured spirits in accordance with the Will of God.
When this cycle closes, the World of Matter or PostCreation is freed for renewal through dissolution and recombination in order to prepare it ready for new spirit seed germs. Geologists and other scientists have established that this process takes billions of earth years. Only spirit germs who did not develop according to the Laws of God; which spell His Will, are caught in the dissolution process since they cannot leave PostCreation. This is then the death of the spirit or Spiritual death. It means extracting through pain the wrongly developed ego acquired in Matter.
The journey through the World of Matter is to prepare the spirit germs to enjoy bliss in Paradise. It is an act of grace from God.
The Biblical account speaks of disobedience of Adam and Eve for which they were punished with expulsion. Here again this is not correct as interpreted. The correct story is that Lucifer promoted the development of the intellect above the spiritual. Thus the back brain which is spiritual atrophied and the frontal brain became exaggerated. Imbalance came in. In time man on Earth lost his spiritual connection with Paradise and also lost connection and guidance of the Elemental Beings. The sustaining flows from Paradise dried to trickle. In this sense man isolated himself from God and His Mercies. This distancing from Paradise can be called the real self expulsion from Paradise. It is a willful act of man or due to his negligence. It has nothing to do with the Will of God.
The role of the Female (Eve) is that since she is functionally superior to the Male, Lucifer attacked her first. With her conquest, the Male was sure to follow. The further precipitous decline on the slope of the overdevelopment of the intellect after the Fall, was aided by the feminine indulgence in coquetry and centralising male attention on herself. This point is well illustrated in the pictorial representations. The Fall is the main issue; all others were and are collateral damages.
It is not necessary for me to speak of the functional superiority of the feminine over the masculine in this discussion because it will take us into new areas away from the key points I wish to clarify in this discussion today.
Prior to the Temptation and the Fall, the Abundance from the Radiations of God flowed freely to the Earth men. These were described as mannas from heaven. This did not mean that man did not have to exert himself to achieve but that it was guided and purposeful achievement. This is achievement that was a step upwards in spiritual maturity. It was achievement that promoted equilibrium through the Law of Balance.
The Rivers of Life. Reference is made by Alonso Lopez et al, to the Euphrates and the Tigris as two of the four rivers with the water of life and flowed from Eden(Paradise).
Again this is only an intellectual computation. Since it had been decided that Paradise was on Earth, it was only a stretch of the imagination to choose rivers that were in geographic proximity of the location.
But seriously considered, the whole idea that water of life is material is laughable at best. The words water of life are explicit enough. Life is not matter and was never in Matter. Matter is lifeless. Matter aids life. Life is in the spirit of man. It is watered by spiritual currents from and sustained by the Word of God or the Will of God.
Since men do not even know who or what they are, it is not a surprise that they postulate ideas that only prove that they are lost in the Labyrinth of their ignorance.
 I have already said that at the early beginnings, men on Earth were reinforced by the spiritual flows from Paradise. They were a part of the Great Cyclic Spiritual Flows from Paradise into PostCreation and back again in gratitude to God the Father. These are the waters of life, if we use earthly pictorial concepts. The Fountain Head is the Holy Grail. It is the eternal connecting point between God and Creation. Most Holy is God, the Lord, the One and Only Eternal One. The All Powerful. The All Glorious. Glory be to Thy Holy Name for ever. Amen.
Finally, I wish Alonso Lopez and the National Geographic Magazine well. Without their efforts, I would not have written this because I would not know what to correct! If they can only discover the spiritual essence in them, their quest to educate and inform the public will be anchored at the right pedestal. They will then help to spread Light on Earth and drive out darkness. Such would be a very rewarding goal for them and for all. This is my prayer for them.
For the general reader, I wish that he takes the quest for spiritual knowledge seriously. The Earth and its inhabitants are now at the crucible. Soon those who do not want to seek spiritual knowledge will face the proverbial “too late.” That will be most terrible!!
Thanks to the Lord that empowered me to put some enlightenment on these areas vital to man on Earth. Amen
Senator Victor Kassim Isa Oyofo

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