What is witchcraft?


Taking the word strictly by what it denotes, one could say witchcraft is the activity of those people who are referred to as witches. A witch is a member of the female sex who, it is believed, has powers and abilities that other people do not have and who uses these abilities to wreak harm, misfortune even death upon her fellow human beings.

It is thought that through the use of spells, incantations, dark and nebulous rituals and rites evil currents can be set in motion that can be directed against a third party. Witches are also ascribed powers such as being able to see through our physical bodies, see our organs and even cause damage to them if they so wish.


Although witchcraft is by definition restricted to the activity of witches, in general terms it is now considered to be an expression for all activity by men and women of evil intent who through their connection to centres of darkness and evil inflict harm upon others.

The problem when dealing with this topic is to be able to differentiate between what is fact and fiction. From the knowledge mediated in the Grail Message we are made aware that as human spirits we exert a pressure on our physical and non-physical material environment in more ways than we are fully aware of. Through our intuition and the words we speak we set off currents in planes of medium and fine gross matter which adjoin our present dense gross material plane. Words are not just words; they can trigger off good or bad currents of power which in their reciprocal effects can influence others.

Thoughts arising from our intuition are particularly incisive in their effects upon us and our environment. According to the nature of these intuitions good or evil forms are formed in the planes of fine gross matter. Even when no longer connected with their originator, these forms work independently and form themselves into homogeneous groups forming light and dark centres in the planes of fine gross matter.

Witches, wizards and others who indulge in the practices of witchcraft and sorcery etc, know of these planes and use these forms – the evil ones which are called demons and phantoms- to perpetuate acts of evil upon others.

In our part of the world, because there is no real knowledge of their activity, a great deal of fear of witches and wizards abound. But there is no need to be afraid of witches. One must recognise their existence and avoid contact to them by paying keen attention to one’s physical and spiritual environment but one need not fear them.

Each of us has an aura which is an emanation from our inner spiritual core. If we have kept our inner spiritual core pure or strive towards purity in our thoughts, words and deeds, our aura will be so strong that impure thoughts and evil currents will not be able to penetrate. They will be repulsed and find no way to operate.

If we are afraid however we breach our own natural defences. The incoming evil currents will use the fear forms we generate to penetrate and influence us. If on the other hand we are courageous and bold this positive approach also will take on form, strengthen our aura and repulse incoming evil currents.

The author of the Grail Message exhorts us all to “keep the hearth of our thoughts pure”. The hearth of our thoughts is our intuition. If we strive to keep it pure we will be connected to spiritual currents of power which will dispel and disintegrate any evil form that any so called witch or wizard wishes to send against us.

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