Nigeria’s Corrupt Judiciary Joins Terrorists by Karen Dabrowska


The stench of Human Rights Violations by Nigeria’s brutish Judiciary has assumed agonising dimensions.
In an injustice reminiscent of the tragic and brutal murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the renowned environmental activist and playwright, a British-educated journalist, Prince Woboroma II, has been a victim of Nigeria’s corrupt Judicial system.
An Appeal Court in Port Harcourt, the city where Mr Saro-Wiwa was sentenced and executed, has unlawfully stifled a “lucrative” appeal for 19 years without trial, plundered and sold off the Prince’s £10million heritage with impunity, and commissioned their agents, one of them a Senator of the Federal Republic, to hire a gang of kidnappers to eliminate the litigant and his family.
Unlike Saro-Wiwa, however, who was alleged to have meddled in sensitive matters of State, this journalist is about to face a secret and private execution over his personal heritage, because of greed by a team of Appeal Court Justices, in an attempt to cover up their illicit participation in the unlawful sharing of the litigant’s heritage.
Over 200 plots of prime land in the oil-rich Niger Delta [subject-matter of the appeal], have already been plundered and sold to unscrupulous politicians, including a man described as a Senator of the Federal Republic, who has deployed a crack team of kidnappers to locate and eliminate the Prince and his family.
Proceeds from the sale were reportedly shared between the Honorable Justices and some lawyers alongside the fake appellants, two of whom claim to be university lecturers.


In the wake of their relentless pursuit by the bandits, Prince Woboroma and his family fled the region, and have been living in hiding for about two decades. The family is in dire straits, without sustenance and means, no healthcare, and his children have no access to any form of education.
Their matter in Appeal No: CA/PH/142/97, is a classic case of Judicial Corruption, Terrorism and Human Rights Abuse.
In 1993, two lower courts including a High Court Appeal Panel, ruled that the Prince and his four brothers, three of whom have died, were entitled to inherit their late father’s land and that grandchildren could not jointly share the plots with their own fathers.
But the Appeal court for 19 years neglected the matter owing to the huge blood money they have been making from the illegal sale of the Prince’s possessions.
The real Appellant, Chinyerengozi, the Prince’s eldest brother, died in 2014 but his children who did not join in the matter from inception were unlawfully permitted to join the appeal in February 2015 by the current team of Justices who have also declined to hear the appeal.
Before the Senator who hails from Bayelsa state bought part of the land with the Appeal Court’s collaboration in 2015, the fake Appellants had on their own tried several times to assassinate the Prince even near the court premises. _See attached pix.
Questions are being asked as to why the Appeal Court entertained such a prolonged massive disobedience of court judgements if their hands are not soiled? Why also should a respected Senator get involved in buying the subject-matter of a pending lawsuit and the deployment of terrorists to try to assassinate the rightful owner.
There has been a resurgence of Judicial Corruption leading to Human Rights Violations of late in Africa. In 2015, Ghana dismissed at least 20 Justices for corruption. But Nigeria’s corrupt Justices are worshipped as mini gods and their affairs treated with sanctimony.
Will the current anti-graft Federal Government of Nigeria rise up to investigate the circumstances of this 19-year-old Appeal with a view to righting the wrongs perpetrated by the Appeal Court of Corruption and Terrorism? Will they liberate Nigerians and the Prince and his family from the mighty arm of a ruthless Judicial Institution?Judiciary

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