Why sorrow is on the increase on earth by Banji Ayoola


catastrophyThe rapidity of the calamitous incidents befalling a dazed humanity in virtually all countries on earth now on a daily basis is baffling. The sorrow being experienced daily on earth is on the increase.
News of plane crashes, fatal automobile accidents, murders, killings, stampede, insurgency, wars, genocide, strange illnesses, and other man made self-inflicted horrors and natural disasters claiming hundreds of lives today daily dominate the airwaves and media space worldwide.
Daily on earth today, we are being overwhelmed with tragedies of unimaginable proportion, disasters, calamities and other horrible experiences, all seemingly mysterious incidents which we can neither on our own comprehend nor explain.
Why this avalanche of horrors on earth today is that the earth is now going through its most severe phase of existence when everything that is wrong, that does not swing in the sense of the just incorruptible Natural Laws, that is not in harmony with the adamantine and Supreme Will of God, is crashing down.
Now, everything wrong sown through the dark evil volition of majority of us human beings, who have ever been permitted sojourn herein since the beginning of the earth’s existence several millennia ago, is being dragged out of its hideout before the final blows of the Sword of Judgement, the Light, to face destruction or annihilation.
Thus the earth is being renewed for a new phase or era where everything and all human beings who will after the ongoing purification, be permitted to exist on the new earth will live and swing only in accordance with the Will of the Higher and Mighty Power.
A new era of strict obedience to the Laws of this Higher Power, the Natural Laws Which, woven into the entire Creation for the welfare of all, but Which hitherto had been wantonly disregarded by us.
And no longer in accordance with the arbitrary and unjust dictates of the oppressive human laws or power, which are mere products of the human free will, which are hostile to the Light and which have led us to this sorry pass.
The bitter truth is that end has finally come to everything that is wrong on this earth, and everywhere else in the World of Matter or Subsequent Creation. No longer shall human beings and the earth be subjected to the terror of the intellect as has been the case hitherto. Everything wrong must and is collapsing.
The inglorious reign of the Darkness reared by us since we strayed away millennia ago from the Light through our serial disobedience of the Natural Laws which indeed are our best friends, is winding up on earth to give way for a new era which will be superintended over exclusively by the Supreme Holy Will of God.
And before the birth of this new age, the earth, like an expectant mother in the labor room whose pregnancy has reached full term, must and is naturally going through labor pains.
But this time around, the pangs of pains being experienced by mankind on earth are much more than those of a pregnant woman being delivered of a new baby.
This is because the earth must be and is being cleansed of all the filth ever generated and all the evils ever perpetrated by man all the while when the Darkness ruled over us and reigned over the earth. For millennia.
The earth must be and is being swept clean of all that is wrong, the garbage ever heaped on it that has increased its density and separated mankind from the Light.
Now, a new Higher Power is taking over the running of the affairs on earth from us human beings who, for millennia, have misused and soiled the bounty lovingly offered to us for our development, joy, happiness and welfare.
And with the entrance of this Higher Power into the earth to take over the running of its affairs and make it an extension, an annex of Paradise the Kingdom of God, the earth as well as the entire Creation, which has again received another Grace from the Light, is being cleansed of all the filth constituted by all the threads of dark evil works. For the New Sovereign to take off on a clean slate.
Henceforth, only the pure, the good and the beautiful shall be allowed to live or exist on earth and anywhere else in Subsequent Creation as is the case in higher realms above wherever this Higher Power, the Holy Will is enthroned, wherever It reigns and rules in peace.
Henceforth it shall be the reign of the Holy Will of God on earth

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