The Glaring Difference Between Stella Oduah And Babatunde Fashola by Churchill Umoren


stella oduah

Stella Oduah on Two Bullet Proof BMW SUVs Bought for N255 Million

“There was a budgetary provision for the procurement of the two BMW 760 Li cars, the transaction followed due process. It went through procurement and was approved by the government agency authorised to do so… I didn’t personally authorize or make the purchases….

“Between 8th July, 2013 and 12th August, 2013, various meetings were held with First Bank of Nigeria Limited, a contract agreement was signed and necessary documentation executed.

“By letter dated April 15, 2013, NCAA officially requested authorisation from the Federal Ministry of Aviation to procure 56 operational vehicles through lease financing.

“This option was proposed to the ministry to enable the NCAA make 36 monthly payments based on receipts from Internally Generated Revenue, IGR.”

Babatunde Fashola on a single Personal Website ( Worth N78 Million

“I don’t fix contract prices, it is an institutional process. I dont write cheques, my commissioners don’t write cheques. The only training I have is that of a lawyer.

“But, in order to execute works on a project we need the input of architect, quantity surveyors, structural engineer and we have consulting ministries.

“For civil works it is the Ministry of Works, for science it is the Ministry of Science and Technology among others.

“As far as the website contract is concerned, yes there was a contract. It went through procurement and was approved by the government agency authorised to do so.

“It was for all these services that the contract was issued for N78m, which the Lagos State Procurement Agency gave no objection based on the advice of the Ministry of Science and Technology, who are the government’s adviser on ICT matters.”

While the woman is called a thief and vilified for an expense that if analysed is properly priced and paid for through a bank, the man is celebrated as a hero for spending a ridiculous amount on a website by the All Progressives Congress (APC) crowd.

Nigeria, we hail thee!

Churchhill Umoren in a Nigerian journalist and media consultant based on New York City.

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