October 15, 2015 Masacre: Boko Haram kills 50 persons in Maiduguri mosque


Two deadly explosions on Thursday hit Maiduguri town as a suspected suicide bomber targeted a mosque in a suburb called Mulai leaving over 50 persons dead
The sound of the explosions echoed over the Borno state capital at about 6:20pm.
A senior official of the Civilian JTF, said the two blasts happened near a mosque in Mulai, some 6 kilometres away from Maiduguri town along the Maiduguri-Biu highways.
“We have two bomb explosions this evening in Mulai near a mosque there”, he said.
“The bombings happened during prayer time. One cannot immediately give details of the incident but I have sent my boys over there and am still waiting for their report from the scene.”
An other official of the Civilian JTF said “the blasts happened in a mosque during Magrib prayer and many people were killed, sadly. I have nine injured persons in our trucks now and I am heading for the hospital to get them treated because they Bloodbath in Nigeria

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