For one to understand the mission of Jesus, one must first know who He is.

There is only one God. This one God is light, power, life and order. Within Him and out of Him are Love and Justice. He, Love and Justice are one; a part of Him is love(Son) and another part is Justice(Holy Spirit). The Holy Spirit, as justice, is the bearer of the Will of God. Through His activities the world was created and is maintained. He remains with His creation from eternity hence it bears the name Son of Man, the Counsellor. The Son of God, as love, brings helping love out of the father(God). The Father and the two sons are one hence the trinity.

The Son of God incarnated in the physical body named Jesus born at Bethlehem in Judea among the Jewish race on an emergency mission of love: to save the earth that was already drawn to the vortex of disintegration by the wrong activities of human beings living in it. His incarnation and the words He brought uplifted the earth away from the vortex and granted humanity further opportunity to adjust rightly. The Son of God had to come through Jewish race because at that time the Jews were the most highly spiritually developed race.

So His mission is; to bring words that will save mankind from destruction. Through the wrong volitions(intuitive & thought), words and actions of mankind, the earth became heavy and dropped in its orbit towards the vortex of disintegration. The coming of the Son of God and the words He brought saved the situation and granted man more opportunity for repentance.

Jesus vividly told Pilate the purpose of His mission when Pilate asked Him if He were a king. Jesus replied ”For this reason was I born, for this came I into the world; to testify to the Truth, only those on the side of Truth listen to me”

Pilate asked further ”what is Truth” and left. The Gospel of Nicodemus in the Ethiopian Bible reported that Jesus answered ”Truth is from Above” and that Pilate asked again ”Is there no Truth on earth” and was told ”You see how those who have authority on earth treat those who have the Truth”
Truth is indeed from above, from God. Anything directly from above is eternal unchangeable.

Jesus words were understood and followed by those on the side of Truth. Following Him means living the Truth He came to testify to.

He testified that love of God/one’s neighbours, doing the Will of God, keeping His words( testimony of Truth) and forgiving one another are means to salvation

He testified through parables about Himself/His origin, His mission, and seeking the Kingdom e.g. parables of the husbandmen, the ten virgins, the sower, the lost sheep, the mustard seed, the rich young man, etc.

He testified about virtues, qualities and acts that lead to salvation in His eight beatitude.

He testified about the final judgement, the world judgement that will be executed by the Son of Man

He never testify that His death will save mankind nor His blood wash away sins of the world. He rather testified that through His death some human beings would recognise Him, live His words and therewith have their sins remitted. He did so in these His words:
”For this is my blood of the new testament(covenant) which is shed for many for the remission of sin”

Above explanation is based on my understanding of the work ”In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
You may wish to examine it too for better understanding.

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