REFLECTIONS ON WOMANHOOD: Women must change to naturally attract greater respect from men by IkeChukwu Unegbe Esq 

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My greatest respect flows towards all women on this special day. May you all be continually empowered to fulfill the grand and noble roles entrusted to womanhood in Creation.
You are the bridge and receptacle for all new births and formations. You occupy a higher pedestal in spiritual reckoning than man, because of the enhanced endowment of intuitive guidance and abilities. These are gifts from God Almighty lavished upon you!
It was for this reason that the allegorical narrative of Adam and Eve, in the scriptures, captures how the ‘serpent’ (read darkness, personified by Lucifer) targeted the womenfolk first (Eve). Lucifer , coming from the divine origin, already knew the capacity and capabilities of woman. He knew that once woman falls to his snares, the fall of man would be easy and simple matter of fact. And that was and has been the case. ‘Eve’ succumbed and pulled ‘Adam’ along.
She became lured to vanity and coquetry. She became materialistic and vain. And man simply followed like a butterfly attracted to the scent of  beautiful flowers, and blind to even poisonous petals.
Man encouraged and cheered up the woman. Indeed, the menfolk ignorantly began to pursue base materialistic ends in order to become more pleasing to the vain glorious demands of women. It has been a roller coaster fall.
Because the woman is also the bridge and receptacle for new formations, she invariably corrupted and corrupts the upcoming generations through attraction and pre-natal nurturing. This corrupting influence extends to post natal nurturing, as well.
It is the spiritual law that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. In our local proverbs we say that a snake must give birth to something long. Women , therefore, are primarily responsible for the quality of human beings/souls  that incarnate upon our earth plane. Men are also instrumental here; but women who attract the soul into the womb to be nurtured as foetus, bear more responsibility here.
Therefore, on a day like this, it calls for sober reflections on the part of women; and men too. It is not a moment to talk about the empty cliche of gender equality. Each gender has its roles well cut out. There should be no blurring the lines of demarcation. The more the lines are blurred by activists who lack spiritual knowledge of the make up the female species, the greater the downfall of entire human race.
A woman stands as a receptor and connector between sublime currents from on high and other creatures, including man. She stands half a step above man, by her spiritual qualities. That was why Pilate’s wife was able to receive guidance to warn the husband not to have any hand in the dastard murder of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is it not a great irony today that many who claim to be followers of Christ are rejoicing over His death on the Cross! Yet all scriptural narratives point to the cold blooded  crime that it was!
We also have seen how women are easily able to bring about the downfall of strong and powerful men throughout human history. It is because of this stronger intuitive ability. Sadly, though, woman has deployed this ability more in the negative materialistic directions. They have wasted the power.
The woman stands as the guardian of all noble aspirations in men and other creatures. But as we all know, you cannot give what you do not have. Years of subjugation and misinterpretations of  Concepts have combined to keep the woman subdued. She  has been told she came out of the rib of man. She accepted. What can a mere rib accomplish among full bodied humans? Men now ride on the false notion to suppress and intimidate women. Some treat them as even inferior; like slaves, deserving no respect. Yet, our Creator could never make an inferior object.
So, knowledge is lacking in critical areas of human realities. Many things are swept underfoot as ‘mysteries of life’, whereas creation does not habour mysteries. It is man who lacks vital knowledge, and not that anything is a mystery.
Women should be in the forefront of rescuing the female gender from her wrong ways. They should encourage them to rise to their first task of ennobling the environment; then other things may follow.
Today, therefore, calls for deep reflections. The change must start with women, so as to naturally attract greater respect from men.
For as long as women find nothing wrong in courting vanity and coquetry, for so long would men’s respect elude them. Although, this must not be taken as a license for men to continue the wicked abuses of women, for a well groomed man naturally carries an inward respect for the woman.
Yet, despite all said, the woman remains like a rare jewel, bright and beautiful. No matter the depths to which she may have fallen, she can rise again, dazzling all that behold her. May strength be afforded our women to fulfill. 
IkeChukwu Unegbe Esq

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