*MONEY AND HAPPINESS.* by Sola Adeyegbe


It is said that money cannot buy us happiness. But will happiness on its own buy us our food and pay our bills? How will the penniless obtain the basic items for sustenance such as food and shelter? Should we then look for money first since we need it to survive? Will the presence of money lead to our happiness?
When we arrived on earth as babies, most of us did not have personal  bank accounts talk less of having  money therein.  Yet, we were loved and provided for and as beautiful babies we lived in bliss! Are babies not so attractive in their sheer happiness? We were once like that!
In the same vein, the happy person will certainly not be in want! Such persons will naturally attract people and circumstances that will help them such that they will be able to meet their basic needs.
However, a person can have plenty of money and be bereft of happiness. He might even end up living in constant fear of losing the money.
We need to add that money is an object and not an attribute of the human spirit! Happiness however is an intrinsic attribute that can truly belong to the spirit. On a person’s journey towards this they will be provided for.  Such person’s happiness is not be based on the amount of money in their bank account. It is based on their alignment with the workings of the laws of the Universe. Their power is not based on the objects they possesses like money, position or fame. Their power is based on their spirituality which opens them to endless possibilities such that their real needs are fulfilled. Such a life relies on the infinite abundance and supplies from the Universe! The supplies from the Universe of course does not exclude money but is much more comprehensive, infinite with endless possibilities!
A person who idolises money remains dependent on an object, probably lives in fear of losing it and even if they have millions in their bank accounts they are still poor.
Happiness should be our journey and our destination! This way we live courageously and joyfully in all the goodness and the abundance that comes to us daily and hourly from the infinite Universe!

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