In Genesis 1:28 it is recorded that the first human beings received the following blessing: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
Many have interpreted these words to mean that no woman on earth should be childless!
This thought raises a number of questions. Is motherhood the highest role of womanhood? Why should one bring children into this world? What are the reasons behind childlessness? And most important of all, what is the purpose of life itself?
The real purpose of life on earth is the attainment of spiritual maturity and ascent back to the Realms of Light and Paradise from where we came. Womanhood has a crucial role to play in humanity’s attainment of this fundamental purpose!
Therefore, the real task of woman on earth is to ennoble her surroundings and through her gift of high intuition to ensure that positive influences from on High reach the earth. This ennoblement in turn brings about spiritual ascent for humanity as a whole. This role of womanhood that facilitates the overall attainment of the very purpose of life, naturally far surpass the role of bearing children.
Birth is a gift of God which provides opportunities for human spirits to incarnate on earth so that they may continue to improve themselves, cast off old faults and ultimately attain spiritual maturity. The parents simply provide the possibility for an incarnation and also play the role of hosts to the children who are only guests of the parents as they journey on to spiritual maturity and ascent.
The reasons for childlessness could be medical, or a free decision of the individual or a couple and it could also arise if that is an experience that is required for the spiritual growth of the person or couple concerned. The main cause however is the defectiveness of the special delicate bridge which is bestowed on womanhood in order to attract souls for incarnation. This defect can arise when a woman out of vanity takes on male characteristics by emulating men and even seeking to outdo them!
However, there is blessing for those who being childless adopt a child out of love and selflessness and not for self-satisfaction.
May womanhood on earth come to the recognition of their high task as priestesses of Purity on earth and that this has nothing to do with marriage or motherhood sacred as these are!
Sola Adeyegbe

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