Can acquisition of material luxury gives happiness? by KOLAPO OGUNGBEMILE


Man is on earth to find supreme happiness. That is his goal on earth. Only mankind need money for transaction in this dense coarsest Gross Matter called earth. The earth is the furtherest outpost hence it is ponderous. Outside this realm, money is not needed for transaction. Animals and substantiates do the will of God into perpetuity. There is no sad animal or substantiate meaning that our refusal to abide by the Divine ordinance is the cause of our unhappiness.
Happiness is not absolute because our Lord Jesus Christ said that harvest will depend on individual sowing. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap is an adamantine Law. Sowing includes our thoughts, words and deeds which constitute the works of our hands. Rev. 14:13. Happiness depends on sowing with love or sowing with happiness as different from spiteful happiness.
We are admonished by Christ that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts.20:35. Imagine the happiness of a mother who returned from the market with candies and shared them to her children. They ran to the garden playfully with the candies, imagine her happiness seeing them in happy mood chewing chocolate with happiness. Happiness is contagious!
Two farmers share the same boundry but family bond called one away to a far distance. The neighbour sees to it that he helps his friend to do the weeding during the three months raining season and spraying the cocoa and remove any parasite within the perimeter of his partner farm without notifying the man called away by family bond. At harvest season, the friend returned without any expectation of good yield and he was surprised that his cocoa sales surpassed the last five years. The happiness of this man will instantly radiates to the good Samaritan. As the neighbour is jubilating counting money from the good yield, the gate of Paradise will be opened for the good deeds to be anchored pending the discarding of the earthly cloak of the good Samaritan.
There are many examples to illustrate to demonstrate that we have to give to earn happiness and that happiness is not in a vacuum.
At the thought Centre sieving takes place of evil and good deeds. As good deeds ascend as it relates to intuition of the Spirit, it is light in weight; the evil deeds is of intellect are dense so they descend downward to the nether region. Malicious/spiteful happiness are akin to evil deeds and are dense in weight and obey gravitational pull and as such stratifies with the homogeneous species at the happiness centre downward to the nether region.
The Spiritual realm called Paradise is alien to evil because it is a region of light, everything is blissful, joyful activity. Mankind as germ and unconscious seed grains in Paradise were pushed out for further development at a learning ground called the earth. To learn on how to maintain supreme happiness by constantly doing the will of God and eliminate evil.
At home in Paradise, the created beings (Gen.1:26) are happy infinitesimal, immeasurable, vanishingly.
Paradise consists of two realms- viz-the created beings who became conscious instantaneously are at home  in Creation (Gen.1:26) the developed beings (Gen.2:7 men of dust) in the subsequent creation are earthmen who were pushed out into the cooler region of the earth to develop on how to do the will of God  but instead man is doing his own will and become the Lord of manor here on earth
Animals and other substantiates know nothing of unhappiness or evil because they do the will of God perpetually like created beings at home in Paradise. The function f(×) = ×2vanishes at × =0 disappear completely. What it means is that doing the will of God should be second to nature because until the hearth of our thoughts are completely pure and inaccessible to evil, the hope of getting to Paradise is zero. A return of any of us is like the return of a Prodigal Son Lk.15:32 it’s a banquet hour. There is extreme joy over any of us who made it back to Paradise.
The language of the Lord are the will of God in Creation and those of us who do not know the will of God are like a child who don’t know the language of its parents, what becomes of such a child? He is lost like a Prodigal Son.
Many people who died more than 200years ago are still wandering this earth or nether regions tasting around because of lack of knowledge or resistance to do the will of God while in the flesh.
Many ignoramuses have done uncountable number of REMEMBERANCES for their departed parents purportedly resting perfectly in peace not knowing that they are still wandering about the lower plane.
Many of us have reincarnated many times in an attempt to clear our referrals. Even earthly universities expel students after series of unsuccessful trials to clear referrals.
Let us switch on a search-light into the book of life Author by Abdrushin to see what He says on this topic of supreme happiness:
“You earthmen are in this Creation to find supreme happiness! In the Living language which God speaks to you! And to understand this Language, to learn it, and to sense inwardly the Will of God in it, that is your goal during your journey through Creation. In Creation itself, to which you belong, lies the explanation of the purpose of your existence, and at the same time also the recognition of your goal! In no other way can you find either.
This demands of you that you live Creation. But you are only able to live or experience it when you really know it.
With my Message I now open the Book of Creation for you! The Message clearly shows you the Language of God in Creation, which you must learn to understand so that you can make it completely your own.”
Note – The post is just a minute extract of a page in a volume of a book, therefore it is an invitation to readers to examine the book: In the Light of Truth The Grail Message. Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. Copy of the Grail Message is available in major bookshops across the country.

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