U.S Now a Pariah State? ..As Amnesty International Issues Travel Advisory by Seye Aluko


Have you heard the news? America is now categorized as being an “unruly country,” a country where mass shootings occur. A “travel advisory” has been issued against the United States by an entity that is entirely credible, which entity is called “Amnesty International.” Amnesty International catalogues all the evil actions being perpetrated all around the earth, and presents them as words of conscience to a listening world. Amnesty international warns all persons contemplating travel to the United States of America to have an urgent re-think.This is because that country is dangerous, it is awash with guns, and its government has lost control over its criminal elements! Have you heard the news, that America is now a gun infested nation where the populace cannot keep apace from its numerous murderers?

America! How are the mighty fallen! America that routinely issued travel advisories in ages past, to all and sundry, and to other nations, America finally finds itself being pointed at as a pariah nation! America who used to warn the citizens of all nations against travel, and provided lists of dangerous countries to be avoided at all costs, America is now being singled out as being as dangerous as the worst of these afore-mentioned nations. America used to mention in its own list of travel advisories nations as diverse as Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and of course Nigeria. Now America has suddenly found itself at the receiving end of censure, as a nation to be railed against, and avoided at all costs. The travel advisory against the United states in summary reads:
“In the wake of two deadly mass shootings, a travel advisory is hereby issued against the United States of America, for people travelling to that country. This is due to ongoing high levels of gun violence in the country.”

“The advisory warns those travelling to the U.S. to be “extremely vigilant” at all times and to be wary of the ubiquity of firearms among the population, to avoid places where large number of people gather; especially cultural events, places of worship, schools, and shopping malls, and to exercise increased caution when visiting local bars, nightclubs and casinos. The government has not taken sufficient steps steps to meet the “safety obligations to its citizens. More then 30 persons were killed in the mass shootings that took place in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas last week. “

(Travel Advisory Issued by Amnesty International Against The United States).

So is it actually true that a travel advisory has been issued against America, the so-called “God’s Own Country.” America, by this advisory, how have you as a great nation, now been brought down to your knees, to suffer odium, opprobrium and disgrace in the minds of free-thinking persons? America, become sparse in your condemnation of other nations, after all a British proverb advises that “the pot should not call the kettle black!” And another (African) proverb advises that “when a person points his finger against the faults of another person, he has four fingers pointing backwards in his own direction!”

What should be done about the gun problem in the United States? Should the authorities not go from house to house confiscating guns whether or not these were purchased “legally?”This is because the citizens of America collect guns in the same way as children accumulate toys. The only difference is that such toys are lethal! And these guns are purchased by the idle, the inept and the insane! America has earned itself the nick-name of being the “policeman of the world,” considering its military exploits in Iraq and Afghanistan. But America, you who has routinely acted as the accuser, the judge, and the jury of the nations, in every manner of world affairs, so suddenly have you fallen into the dust, into disrepute. America, you are now in the dock, you who are the bastion of human civil rights, you now find yourself mocked, charged and railed against! America, you have too many guns in your circulation, and these include the deadly assault rifles, which are more designed for war, and for combat, and not for mere self-defense. But these assault rifles are exactly the ones which were used in last week’s deadly shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas.
And these guns are now in idle hands. And it is said that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop!” America, when will all this madness end? It is true that your President Donald Trump has made his rounds to those affected communities,“consoling” all those affected by these tragedies. But is this not the same routine that Barrack Obama practiced, and do not these Presidential trips become “all talk and no action?” Do they not result in a needless shedding of “crocodile tears?”
America, now is the time to act! Even children and babies are not exempted in these massacres? Was it not in 1980 that John Lennon, the multi-talented musician, and leader of the wave-making pop group “The Beatles” was he not senselessly gunned down by the crazed assassin Mark David Chapman? And this was for the mere reason that Lennon was famous, and he (Chapman) was not? The murder of John Lennon, a singer that had so much to offer the world, must count as one of the most stupid acts to have been enacted in this century! In committing this crime Chapman intended to launch himself into fame. But he has only attracted notoriety to himself, and he has bagged a lifetime jail sentence in the bargain.
America, arise from your slumber! Was it not on the streets of Dallas Texas, that the able and capable charismatic youthful president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald? Did America not lose a gem of a President?
America, from your deep sleep arise! Was it not on your shores that Dr. Martin Luther King paid the price of being charismatic and gifted in the art of oratory?
America, act, and again react. Was it not on your streets that the legendly Malcolm X was again brought down? America, arise fro9m your slumber, enough of all this!
Reader, let us reflect, and consider what rewards await all persons who undertake acts of murder. We can all glean what are the consequences of such acts, if we study the Holy Bible. In addition clarity can be further obtained by making reference to an epic writing (Teaching) of a German writer named Abd ru shin, whose writings are contained in his 168 lecture compendium titled “The Grail Message, In The Light of Truth.”In this Grail Message the path of such murderers can be seen to be very stony, because they will all have to atone for their reckless acts. At the physical deaths of such murderous individuals, a film is played out to such unfortunate killers, which film replaces and relays all their acts while on earth. The film shows their acts of murder, and details before the gaze of such unfortunate murderers, the pain the murder victims had to suffer, because of their audacious acts. It also shows how the paths of these individuals has been interrupted by such murders. The film also details how the acts of murder has impacted negatively on the relatives and dependents of those who have been killed. It is all well and good for the murderers to be arraigned before the earthy law courts, but it must be realised that a separate and higher Justice is meted out to the murderer. This Higher Justice, is uninfluenced and independent of the opinions of men. And the murderer will descend to a plane in the spiritual beyond in which place he will be bitterly punished for all his mistakes. He will find himself surrounded by all persons who while on earth made murdering their activity of choice. He will find all his fellow murderers on this plane. This plane is termed Hades, or Hell, or the plane of restitution from all foul acts. Furthermore, he will see that on this plane, all his co-tenants here will be murdering each other! The murderer will spend ages in this plane of retribution until he becomes tired and fed up with all the murdering, and murderous plots being undertaken against him, until he himself tires from the chaos meted out against all these members, and he prays to God to remove him from such an appalling environment. It is only at such a time that he prays for such a deliverance, that help will now be extended to him from a guide in the beyond, so that he can again begin to slowly arise from these planes of utter Darkness. It is this prayer that hebrings a solution to his endless journeying in Darkness!
It can be thus deduced from these statements that it does not matter one dot or one iota whether or not such a murderer escapes or not from the clutches of earthly Justice. It does not matter if the murderer “escapes” from the Nigerian Law, he will at his earthly death again face his God to personally pay for his mistakes, and he is then judged forhis actions and inactions, as his deeds, and misdeeds are accurately chronicled in the legendary “Book of Life.”. To such a murderer the words of the German poet rings true:
“ Though the mills of God ground slowly,
Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience He stands waiting,
With exactness grinds he all.

(Frederich Von Logau, 1604 – 1655).

But let us address ourselves to the poignant question which asks:”why is there so much murder (evil) upon this earth? The answer to this is supplied by Abd ru shin who explains that God equipped men on earth with the possession of choice, which is the act of allowing men to behave as they will. This attribute is described as the “Free-Will” of man. A man can act exactly as he pleases, but he is subject to the law of returns. In other words he is subject in equal measure to the dividends of his actions and inactions, whether these be good or evil. Abd ru shin teaches that for thousands of years men unfortunately chose evil over good, and this resulted in a contamination of the quality of the human species on the earth.

Abd ru shin explains that with the preponderance of evil over good, evil men held sway on earth, and were able to lower a bridge from the earth to the darker souls who inhabit the darker regions of the beyond, and these reprobate souls are able to arrive here and populate a greater part of the earth. Abd ru shin declares that over one half of the souls that dwell on this earth at this present time, do not belong here at all, but should be silently maturing in the lower planes of Darkness. Abd ru shin concludes that it is the one half of earth’s humanity that are dark and who have no right to exist on this earth plane that are the cause of all these murdering and other crimes against humanity.
Abd ru shin writes:

“That something so incredible (the earthly attacks against Abd ru shin) can happen again in spite of the events during the Son of God’s wanderings on earth is not inexplicable, because in reality more than half of the present inhabitants of the earth do “not belong here at all but should be maturing in much deeper and darker regions! The foundation for this was laid through constant psychic retrogression, which in turn was brought about by those who became slaves of their own tool, the limited intellect, and gained the upper hand!
“When the limited intellect gains the sole direction it will, because it is purely earthly, always further everything that is material and therefore cultivate all the accompanying secondary effects. The resulting decline from a higher “conception created a breach through which a hand was stretched downwards to assist those souls in climbing up for earthly incarnation which otherwise, owing to their spiritual heaviness and the denser darkness, could never have penetrated to the surface of the earth.

“But, above all, there are the purely animal sensations accompanying procreation, as well as the general striving for earthly enjoyments which, during the demoralising times for centuries past, have enabled inferior souls to rise! These inferior souls souls then constantly circle round expectant “mothers, and if an opportunity presents itself they incarnate, because up till now all that is light has voluntarily retired before what is dark in order to avoid becoming soiled.
“So it has gradually come to pass that the ethereal surrounding of the earth has grown ever denser and darker and thus heavier, so heavy in fact that it even keeps the gross material earth from a course that would have made it more accessible to higher spiritual influences.
“As the majority of all incarnated souls actually belong to regions that lie much deeper than the earth itself, it will therefore be but Divine Justice if such souls are swept away and sink back to where they properly belong; to the region where, due to their absolute homogeneity, they have no further “opportunity to burden themselves with new guilt; and where consequently they are better able to mature and begin to ascend through the suffering inflicted upon them in their own sphere.”

(The Son of Man, pgs 464-465, The Grail Message of Abd ru shin. Available in bookshops).

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