Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being. But which killings are lawful, and which are not? There can however be  no doubt that the gunning down of innocent crowds, as is often the case in the United States of America, must count  as heinous and unlawful killings! And these wanton acts in America, repeat themselves with the frequency of a cracked record. At this material time America is reeling under the weight of two mass killings in Dayton, Ohio and El-Paso, Texas, in which 31 people have  lost  their lives, with as many persons injured.
The “mass-killer” operates under a complicated set of contradictions. The principle that invariably drives him, is the desire to attain fame (or notoriety). He has quietly resolved in his own mind that he cannot achieve fame in any lawful endeavour, so he decides to take the route of crime. In this way he can propel himself into the news and media. He decides to gate-crash into history by taking a gun (or guns) and mowing down  crowds of innocent people. By so doing he  feels so important, his picture and name are splashed all over the media. He has attained for himself “a place in the sun,” the fact that he might spend his entire life behind bars notwithstanding!
This type of criminal  behavior occurred in December 1980 when Mark David Chapman, in New York  City, gunned down the highly respected, multi-talented and universally loved musician, ex-Beatle John Lennon, for no other reason than that by this gruesome act he (Chapman) could become “famous.” The same bizzare sequence of events applied to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. This was a murder that the United States of America has not recovered from up till this present day! In this world assassinations are routine! The Lagos Airport was renamed after the much loved General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, the  Nigerian Head of State at that time, who was assassinated in Lagos in 1975 by Bukar Dimka.Thus the Lagos airport bears the name Murtala Mohammed International  airport. It can be seen from these examples that the acts  of criminals in many ways have a way of influencing world events.
We are all human beings, and as we read the words of this essay, let us cast our eyes all around us. How much of what is worthy do we carry in our hearts? We are totally unreliable. We are wicked, we are cruel. We as men do not trust each other. We can be robbed at any moment and be waylaid at every corner. We can be kidnapped! The middle-belt of  Nigeria is a killing field, under the rampage of the so-called cattle- Fulani  (herdsmen). Our buildings are all fortified by iron and metal gates, patrolled by police dogs! As human beings we do not know the real purpose of our lives on earth, as we trample underfoot the great bounties and mercies that we are endowed with by Almighty God.We observe some of our members attaining fame and fortune by rendering relevant services to humanity, and then we can do nothing other than  devise evil plots against them, as far as taking up guns and other callous weapons to shoot these great examples of humanity to the great beyond.
How does the mass-killer fare in this equation? Such misguided persons exist in the Boko Haram sect (Nigeria). They exist in El Shabab (Kenya). They exist in Al Quauda (Saudi Arabia). The world in many cases is ruled by despots and dictators who crash discordantly into leadership! People world wide are ready at any time to express themselves in acts of wanton murder. In America guns can be bought and stored in any quantity. And when an American delinquent amasses a sizeable cache of guns, he fingers them, he oils them, and his fingers itch as to how he can use them. And these thoughts propel him to carry out senseless acts of murder in churches, synagogues, schools and mosques.
Let us further try to unravel the whence, the whither, and the wherefore,  of these crazy killers. Many of the perpetrators of these acts must suffer from mental illness. It is a painful truth that it is the media (and mass media) like radio, television, cinema etc.that are to blame for many of these deadly acts, because they propel these criminals into public view. They make them famous (sorry, infamous).  It is the Mass Media that highlights these evil deeds and gives the murderers the attention that they so crave. It is the media that renders the greatest disservice to society by keeping the criminal “in the news.”The media and the criminal are the opposite sides of the same coin, and it is as though one cannot do without the other!
Now let us examine the situation from a religious (or spiritual) point of view. The seventh commandment of God advises:
                     “Thou shalt not kill!”(Exodus 20:13).
How is such a command so ignored by millions of people?The fact is that every killer attracts to himself, a grievous load of negative rewards, which negativity forms his “karma” or the burden of his sins for which he must sooner or later make an account for. He must make this account sooner or later, here or hereafter! And he should ponder over the Biblical Injunction:
“Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
                                  (Galatians 6:7).
At the death of such murderers, they immediately enter into an environment in the next world, where they will reap the just rewards from the catalogue of their many crimes. They will account for their actions and inactions.This is their own “hell-fire” awaiting them! The nature of punishments that such criminals receive in the “other world” is surely the topic of another essay, which cannot be accommodated in this brief write-up. So let us repeat the scenario briefly. The mass killer is acting contrary  to the Will of God, Who desires that man lives peacefully with his fellow man, and does not mow him down with his cache of ammunition.
A more distressing observation about these untoward acts, is that the criminals in order to truly kill all their victims, elect to die along with them! Thus you find the existence of suicide killings, whereby the perpetrator of the crime becomes a victim also! So deeply are they all brainwashed! They die as car, or lorry, or pipe  suicide bombers. They strap explosives around their chests. The bomber thus dies along with his victims so as to ensure that his lethal “mission” is successful! But according to the Law of God suicide is also an offence. A man is not created so as to take his own life. Suicide is a crime before God’s Laws.
So what can be done about the guns that proliferate in America? A house to house search should be undertaken and all excessive guns seized! Let citizens face life without guns. These only add to the catalogue of woes that separate men from their Creator, Who has at last grown tired with them (men) for all their evil practices. It is not without a reason that Abd ru shin, the great Truth-Bringer of this climactic age, who has written a ground-breaking compendium (in book form) of 168 lectures titled “The Grail Message, In the Light of Truth,” and Abd ru shin made biting and scathing remonstrances against the sins of men.
Abd ru shin  wrote the following words:
“It is pitiable to see how diligently man on earth works at his retrogression and thus at his destruction, under the delusion that he is thereby striding upwards.
Earthman!  A bitter taste is attached to the name of this creature for every thing in Creation weaving in the Will of God, and it would seem better for man if this “name was no longer uttered, because whenever it is mentioned vexation and uneasiness penetrate the entire Creation at the same time, something that lays a burden upon mankind on earth; for this vexation, this uneasiness, are a living accusation which forms itself automatically and must confront all mankind on earth adversely.
Due to his wrong activity, which made itself conspicuous in this Creation by hindering, disturbing, and continually doing harm, man on earth has at last “become an outlaw through himself, through his ridiculous pretense of knowing everything better! He has stubbornly and forcibly brought on his expulsion, because he made himself incapable of simply receiving God’s blessings in humility.
He wanted to make himself the creator, the achiever, he wanted to force the activity of the Almighty into complete submission to his earthly will!
“There is no word which could properly describe such conceited arrogance in its boundless stupidity! Just delve into this hardly credible behaviour yourselves! Imagine man on earth, and how by assuming an air of importance he wishes to place himself above the mechanism of this marvelous work of  a Divine Creation (which up till now remained unknown to him) in order to direct it, rather than willingly fitting himself into it as a small part thereof…you will not then know whether to laugh or to weep!
“A toad standing before a high rock and wanting to order it to move out of its way does not produce quite so ludicrous an effect as does present-day man in his mad ambition towards his Creator.”
(The Destroyed Bridge, pg.939, The Grail Message of Abd ru shin) (Available in bookshops).

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