Gratifying The Natural Sexual Impulse by Banji Ayoola


Sexual instinct is natural. As such, sexual intercourse is normal; provided it is between two consenting adults, male and female, who meet certain conditions.

The need, desire, indeed demand of a mature healthy body for sexual intercourse is natural. As natural as its need or demand for food, drink, sleep, rest or relaxation.

As a natural instinct placed in the human body by the Creator to help in the development of the human spirit inhabiting the body here on earth; and for whom the physical body is just a cloak or garment; gratification or satisfaction of this natural instinct is in compliance with the Natural or Divine Laws.

On the other hand, refusal to gratify, or compulsorily abstaining from sexual intercourse for whatever reasons, contradicts and indeed contravenes These Laws.

It is indeed a rebellion against These Supreme Laws Which express the Holy Will of the Almighty, the Creator of all, Who graciously permits the human being a sojourn in His wonderful Creation, and lavishes him with everything he needs for the healthy and joyful development of his inner core, the spirit, here on earth.

And this rebellion has severe consequences for the culprit who is harming himself by this violation out of his unpardonable ignorance of the Laws.

Compulsory sexual continence is unnatural and unlawful. Even at that, it should be indulged in with a lot of self-control.

There are social or moral restrictions which overtime, have been placed on sexual intercourse, which must be honoured. For instance, who are the two male and female adults who could indulge in it? Are there untouchables or no go areas? Should its indulgence be between or within blood relatives; or with just any other human being without any barrier, restriction or scruples? With impunity?

The two consenting male and female adults who engage in the act should be those who truly love each other. And their love verges on the spiritual; in that it streams from within them.

It is this love that streams jointly from within the two individuals which seeks consummation in the earthly sense; which naturally deepens physical intimacy; and naturally leads to the situation where the two human beings involved, whose physical organs apart from their inner core, are mature and can naturally bear the rigour of this act, and cope maturely with its consequences, enjoy sexual intercourse to mutually exchange vibrations.

This is natural and normal. It does not give in to, or encourage exaggeration, excess or abnormality. Which unfortunately, are what we see generally today. And which indeed are harmful!

Both genuinely loving, naturally willing male and female adults feel the urge to get more intimately closer in the physical sense, in the course of their truly loving relationship. Not only when they want to procreate.

However, a great control which streams from inner purity, is needed to ensure that man does not become entrapped, ensnared and indeed enslaved by the natural sexual impulse. For sexual intercourse is a more serious matter than what we generally know and do on earth today.

Though it is expressed only in the gross material physical sense, sexual intercourse verges on the spiritual in that it is, and should be, the physical expression of an inner process which streams deep from within, and indeed which streams from the inner core of man, of woman, the spirit. Even between married couples. Otherwise such a union is immoral and debasing. Neither does it swing in the Natural or Divine Laws.

It is not merely a question of enjoying that momentary sensation of friction between the physical sexual organs, and hitting the clouds, lasting few minutes, or of dry pounding away for hours.

Sexual intercourse is much more serious! It is meant to be indulged in only when there is a perfect spiritual harmony between two consenting adults male and female, who truly love one another deep from within. Who meet certain conditions. And not just the earthly love which is underpinned by, and dependent on, mere material or intellectual calculations.

It is meant for truly loving adults male and female, who are not blood relatives, nor fall jointly within the bracket of the dictates of inner purity, nor come jointly from the circles of human beings, whom over time, sane human societies have regarded as untouchables, such as truly married human beings, those who have seriously attached themselves to others, friends’ spouses or intimate friends.

It is not meant to be the recklessness, the aberrations which painfully, rather sadly, we see as the realities on earth today. It is not meant to be the disgusting shamelessness and immorality that reign and rule today on earth, where this natural sexual impulse has become so much exaggerated, flattered and developed into a morbid vice, a baffling self-destructive beast that tortures and torments the greater majority of mankind on earth today.

A monster that contributes greatly to, and nourishes the chaos and disorder prevailing virtually everywhere on earth today.

But where on earth today can one find a perfect spiritual harmony between so called lovers, even between so called married couples, as the most necessary foundation and condition for indulging in sexual intercourse? It is like searching for a pin in the haystack.

Sexual intercourse is, and should be, a mutual exchange of vibrations or radiations between two mature or adult human beings male and female who truly love each other. Under certain conditions. True love which knows no demands, which thinks and does only what benefits the other, which carefully considers the well-being of the other; and does nothing deliberately to hurt or harm the other, the loved one; which unites genuinely inwardly with the other, the loved one to jointly pursue a common high spiritual goal.

The deeper physical penetration into one another; the lubricating fluid that pours and flows profusely during and especially at the peak of true sexual intercourse, but not the one indulged in out of lifeless selfish intellectual calculations; the radiations which are mutually shared by the two human beings who truly love each other during this act; and especially under the conditions described above; are of immense benefits to the development of the human spirit here on earth.

These radiations envelope the two, radiate outwards into their immediate environment, and unite with similar healthy, joyful, benefiting and uplifting radiations floating and flowing therein, rise upwards to hit some treasure chamber, incite and elicit certain spiritual currents from which they jointly draw further helping radiations as necessary aid for their development here on earth.

This contributes to smoothing their earthly path and easing their ascent out of the ponderousness of the earthly gross matter.

This is why we should see sexual intercourse as a precious gift of the Almighty Father for us to aid our spiritual development here on earth. It is a priceless gift which among uncountable others, streams out of His Great Love and Goodness, to help in the development mainly of our inner core, the spiritual, here on earth.

It is for this reason that we should fall on our knees trembling with gratitude, that He wraps us in so much of what streams out of His Goodness as to lovingly lavish us with everything that we need for our happy and peaceful existence here on earth; that will aid our development and ease the path for us to ascend to the lowest section of His Luminous Kingdom, Where only live those human beings who have individually washed clean their garments by themselves.


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