The Plight of 400 Nigerians in Ghana Prisons by Barry Ndu

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It is worthy of note that we have close to four hundred Nigerians in different prisons scattered across the 16 regions of Ghana. Some of these people have been sentenced to terms as long as 80 years. Many of these men and women have been long forgotten by either family or society itself.

There a couple of them that do not have effective legal representation hence their continued stay in the prison. It is sad that there are cases of patronage of stolen phone, having sex with an underage ( with or without her consent), fighting, scam, armed robbery, possession of Indian hemp and other sundry matters. I actually know of a young Nigerian that was caught trying to sleep with a girl in the beach around a security zone. He was arrested, processed to court and he eventually died in prison. It pained me so much because the boy confessed his family was not even aware he was coming to Ghana.The community tried its best to help him all to no avail. We sincerely do not know what it means to have freedom even without money in your pocket.

Few years ago, i wept bitterly when a team of Nigerian Community Executives went to visit and celebrate Nigeria’s independence with these inmates. Hearing their cries and plea for mercy was so emotional for me.Among the things we would be discussing at this years Ghana Nigeria Summit on Thursday 25th April is the Prison Transfer Agreement between Nigeria and Ghana that could allow them complete their remaining terms in Nigeria.I know that during the 7th Session of the Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation between Nigeria and Ghana, which was held around October 2017, in Accra Ghana, a draft Memorandum of Understanding was agreed upon with a view to facilitating the exchange of prisoners between the two countries.The draft MoU was to be studied and considered for ratification at a later date by both countries which is yet to be done.

Do not think because you have not been there, those who are there should be destroyed. As much as none encourages evil but those who are willing to sincerely turn a new leaf should be supported.

If you are touched and would wish to join in this simple but onerous humanitarian activity,please call +233 54 1293499. We do not really have much to give them but when we all join hands,it would be worth it. We would be leaving Achimota Mall , Accra by 11am on that day.

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