⭕ As a thug you are forever not safe, until the day you die.
⭕ You are always on the run and in the hide, even when no body is chasing you.
⭕ No body trust you, not your family, not your friends and not even the politician you are working for.
⭕ Responsible people hardly keep you as  friends, because you have nothing else to offer in life except mayhem.
⭕ People avoid you secretly, if you don’t look closely you won’t notice it.
⭕ No matter the amount of money and wealth you acquire, you can never have rest of mind, because the blood you spill keeps crying to God for justice.
⭕ You can no longer follow your great dreams that you have always cherished.
⭕ Just like you take people to their graves untimely, the same way your death will come untimely.
⭕ You put your love ones at risk, especially your immediate family – and sooner or later they will be hurt no mater how much you try to protect them.
⭕ All the wealth you acquire especially money hardly last, because you spilled human blood to get it.
⭕ People fear you instead of respecting you.
⭕ Sooner or later your parents, relatives and friends will start avoiding you, since that is the only way their life can be safe because you are likely to be attacked at any time.
⭕ You might become so rich and famous, but none of this will you enjoy to the fullest because you will not last long.
⭕Because people are avoiding you, Alcohol and strong drugs will become your reliever which will affect your health and make you perpetuate more evil and live LIKE a Living corpse.
⭕ in the future when people point at the Mansions of your mates, others will point at your grave.
⭕The politicians who are sponsoring you today will stop giving you money immediately after the elections and you can’t go back to those you hurt for help.

⭕ The politicians giving  you guns and machetes to kill their political enemies will kill you when you are done doing their biding.
⭕ The politicians who are calling you every day and returning your flashing will change their number immediately after the elections.
⭕The politicians who have flung their gates  opened and you go in and out as you please, some even ask you to meet them in their hotel rooms and you feel recognized, after the elections the Mopol at their gate will not allow you near their gates.
⭕If by chance you are arrested after the elections they will allow you rust in jail, because you are of no use to them and will be a threat and burden to them.
⭕ If thuggery is a great Job, their sons will be shooting along side with you.
⭕ If thuggery is lucrative, they will be shooting the guns themselves.

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