2019 Election: Will Nigeria Get The Venezuela? Treatment? By Charles Novia




Ok. Let me give you an inkling of what will likely happen in Nigeria if Buhari and APC rig the 2019 election.

You have read the statements put out by the United States and the United Kingdom earlier on Thursday the 24th of January where both countries specifically warned against the rigging of the election and promised visa sanctions and even international prosecution for those who will be caught or indicted in the rigging of the election. Those who don’t know or those who are so blind that they can’t see, think that the statements by those countries are empty boasts. Let anyone in INEC, the security agencies and in the federal or state governments even try to rig this election and see. The international observers are coming in huge numbers more than ever before after reading the reports of the shame and sham in Osun State. The word has spread round and they are coming with a large delegation to observe the elections.

It’s such a shame that the perceived gains of our electoral advancement in 2011 and debatably in 2015, have been eroded by the selfish and evil machinations of a desperate self-serving cabal.

With the US and the UK releasing warnings to Nigeria about electoral malpractices, it doesn’t take much to look at what has been happening in Venezuela in the past three days or so.

In #Venezuela, the leader of the opposition party ran for the Presidency with the incumbent President. The election was heavily rigged in the incumbent’s favour and the international observers from the European Union and other countries, including the USA, reported the malpractices in that election to their home countries.

And what has happened?

President Trump of America a few hours ago duly recognised the opposition party leader as the President of Venezuela. Trump says the election was rigged and that the incumbent has to leave. What has followed? The European Union, Canada and other countries have also recognised the opposition party leader as the rightful President-in-waiting. Trump and the other countries have directed that all oil proceeds due to Venezuela be kept in a special account and will not be sent to Venezuela till the opposition candidate is rightfully sworn in. Trump has also agreed that the opposition leader can form his cabinet which the international community has agreed to recognise.

This means that the Venezuelan opposition party leader is now a President in the eyes of the world, while the incumbent president in his country is screaming blue murder. The opposition President will be given the status of an international Head of State and will be thus recognised. It’s only a matter of time before the incumbent in Venezuela either accepts defeat or is removed by the people’s protest when biting economic sanctions hit very soon.

How does this relate to the February election in Nigeria? Only the discerning can see what will happen.

If Buhari and INEC and the security agencies attempt to rig the election and results which do not reflect the will of the voters are declared, Nigeria should prepare themselves for the Venezuelan treatment.

All every Nigerian should be asking for right now is for free and fair elections in Nigeria. Let the people’s will prevail.

It won’t take one month of sanctions on us before the reality of what the effects of a rigged election on our economy and national psyche hit home.

A word is enough for the wise.

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