Highlights of Vice Presidential Debate


Yemi Osinbajo – APC

1. If you say investments haven’t taken place in years, who has been in office these last 16 years? – Yemi Osinbajo. #2 2. Why we are where we are today is because of 16 years of mismanagement of resources. – Yemi Osinbajo.

3. Osinbajo closing remarks: What we tried to do in the past four years is redress the damage done, prevent the corruption that brought us to where we are

4. We have a social investment policy, possibly the largest ever in the history of our country. –

5. In the past three years, the government of President Buhari has spent 2.7 trillion on capital, that is the highest ever in the history of Nigeria. –

6. We are employing 500,000 graduates and the graduates are in every single local government. –

7. We have a social investment policy, possibly the largest ever in the history of our country.

8. We are producing 90% of the rice that we consume and we are importing only 2% of what we used to import. – Y

9. In every state of Nigeria today, we have a major road project.

10. Today, we have begun some of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of our country.

11. If you allow criminals to steal all the inventories, there will no shop


Peter Obi. PDP

12. Today, the total loans by the banks is 19 trillion and only 0.5% goes to your SMEs when in other countries it’s about 20%. –

13. What we are subsiding today is inefficiency. If you get it right, the prices still come down. There is no way a country can have a budget of N340bn for health, which translates to N5 a day for (each of) its citizens, and then pay a trillion for subsidy

14. The number one problem of this country today is its economy. The vice president is in charge of rebuilding the economy to where it can create jobs.

15. Fighting corruption is not an economic policy, it is not that you can’t fight corruption, but you can fight it more aggressively while addressing economic issues.

16. As long as we don’t create jobs and have the number of unemployed youths in their productive age that we have today, we are going to have crisis.

17. In terrorism we have moved from seven to No 3; Our inequality (rate) has worsened. Our unemployment rate has moved from 24 to 40 today. We are not supporting SMEs very well.

18. Nigeria has been a country where we have the highest number of poor people. Our country today has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world.

19. In 2015 we generated $41bn in Foreign Direct Investment, but now, we attracted only $12bn last year. Even our stock market has lost over N2Trillion in one year. You can’t shut down your shop and be chasing criminals.


Ganiyu Galadima  – ACPN

20. The foreign policy of the government of the ACPN would be one that would be of mutual benefit to our country and to the countries of the world.

21. The Nigerian economy now is vulnerable and can collapse at any time.

22. We are at a critical stage in the life of this country. We should open our eyes and Nigerians should vote for candidates based on the manifestoes that they are presenting to them.

23. The issue of Ajaokuta (steel company) has been there for a very long time and it has been fraught with corruption, and now a drain pipe to the nation’s economy.

24. We Have Recorded Very Little Or No Improvement Since 2015, Says ACPN’

25. By continuing with subsidy, we are killing the economy of this country and we are killing the people.

26. Nigeria does not have the capacity to determine the rate at which the naira is exchanged for other currencies of the world.

27. Nigerian Govt is subsidizing PMS to the tune of N2bn daily.

28. Unemployment is becoming higher and this is because of the wrong policy of Govt.

29. The problem that we have is the fact that our over 774 local governments are not fully developed. We are going to do the devolution of power, we are going to do resource control, and constitutional amendment.

30. Poverty has become endemic in every aspect. Despite all the efforts the government has put in, we are doing a complete overhaul.


Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya – ANN

31. What is the government presently doing with the subsidy that has been removed? It is not affecting the common man and we don’t know what is going on.

32. Subsidy In Nigeria Is Fraught With Corruption

33. As a wife and a mother of seven, I am committed in every resource of authority at my disposal to ensure that every child, every young person, every mother and every father, get the opportunity that they deserve in their pursuit of happiness.

34. I am concerned about the 13 million children who are out of school. –

35. I am passionate about women and the plight of children. I believe that we should all be concerned about the plight of children in Nigerian and that is basically securing the future of our children, our future.

36. There is no other party in Nigeria that has given priority to women. Professor Kingsley Moghalu’s Presidency is about giving 50-50 opportunity to women to participate in his government at all levels.


Umma Getso – YPP

37. To be candid, subsidy to a typical Nigerian is just a scam. That’s how I will call it, the way President Buhari once said in the Newspaper.

38. We Can’t Expect People Who Destroyed Our Past To Improve Our Future

39. In my party (YPP), we so much believe in a new Nigeria, where every Nigerian will have equal rights and will have a story to tell tomorrow.

40. I have been to the lowest level of Nigeria’s standard of living and I know how Nigerians are suffering.

41. I have a passion for the girl child education and I spent the early years of my adulthood in the development of a common Nigeria. –

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