Sex for Marks: The Travails of Professor Richard Akindele by Seye Aluko


It is indeed surprising that a former Professor of Accountancy at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife, Nigeria, ( Richard Akindele), today finds himself incarcerated in the Ilesha Prisons for the mere fact that he could not control his sexual libido. He asked a female postgraduate student for sex in a most inappropriate manner. He set a trap for the student, and he ended up becoming entrapped by the student herself, when she (Ms. #MonicaOsagie) had the foresight to record their conversations when he demanded sex from her, on an audio tape, which converstion she splashed on the internet. The conversation then went viral, and as they say, “the rest is history!”

Dear Professor Akindele, please answer the following questions: “Has this entire exercise been really worth it?” “ Is sex so hard to find that you must attempt to wring it out from unwilling students?” “ How is your wife to feel when she knows you could not rely on her to satisfy your sexual libido?” “ Has it been worth it for you to have been sacked from your employment, a position of professorship you must have aquired after so many years of hard study and painful examinations?” “Why do you feel you had the right to ‘browse on Monica Osagie’s website,’ to “log in “ to her most sacred body spaces, and to zero in into her private “pass-word?””Professor, do you feel that a prison is a place where a man of your high standing should find himself, merely for the fact that you wished to have sex with your own ward?” Professor Akindele, you will agree that it has not been worth it!

It is sad, but only so true that the force of human sexuality is one of the subjects that has been the least understood, as many cannot decipher what is right as opposed to what is a wrong approach to sex! The President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, is embroiled in several sexual indisretions which plague him up till the present day! The matter does not end with Donald Trump! Many American celebrities, including Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nasser, have been recently embroiled in monumental sexual scandals in America. Cosby, a renowned entertainer, and star of “The Cosby Show,” and who was once described as being a model “dad” of the nation, has at the ripe age of 81 years been jailed for 3 – 10 years period for having raped one of his wards who approached him so that he could mentor her. Larry Nasser, a medical doctor, has been jailed for life, for molesting hundreds of Olympic gymnasts. Harvey Weinstein is now having his day in court for having harrassed as well as raped dozens of American actresses who encountered him when he was one of the most powerful media moguls in the land.

What is it about sex that makes persons “lose their reason?” Why do persons rape babies who are a mere two years old? How can we address such questions in this short paper?
But back to the subject of the “Sex for Marks Professor,” Mr. Kunle Ogunbameru, an erudite university professor of The Obafemi Awolowo university, Ile Ife, Nigeria, has in his book:”Sexual Harassment in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions,” (Spectrum Books), practically said it all, when he observes: “The immaturity in these baby lecturers has led some of them to believe that dating university girls randomly is a “fringe benefit” attached to the teaching profession.” (Pg 65).
It can be concluded that Akindele, ( having lost his job, his reputation and his peace of mind), should be assumed to have suffered enough, but no! the “Nigerian Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission” (ICPC) now appears to wish to make a perfect example of him (Akindele), by possibly attempting to send him to jail! Akindele’s case is made more stern by his judge (Justice Maureen Onyetenu) ‘s demeanour, as Onyetenu has declined to release him on bail, and has left him to languish in his jail cell till further considerations of his bail conditions are heard on December 17. Surely decisions have been made by the forces that be, to make Akindele face the full wrath and gamut of the law!

But a casual observer who takes a dispassionate look at Akindele’s dilemma will realise that his “crime” is not as high-ranking as many of the other cases of rape, incest, pedophilia, murder, kidnapping, counterfeiting, armed robbery,human trafficking etc. that are splashed as headlines in all of our national and international newspapers. A casual observer, on looking at his environment (Nigeria) which is endowed with more than enough of luxuriant land, extensive oil and gas reserves, clement weather and vibrant citizens , will easily conclude that God Almighty Himself went overboard, and must have had a Plan for this great nation, for Africa, and indeed for the entire world as a whole, when He lavished so many gifts at the behest of its human beings. But surely something has gone wrong! A screw has “gotten loose” in the brain circuitry of almost all human beings. Many a human being of today’s world cannot be described as being “normal.”There is something amiss in man as a unit. There is something amiss with man as a group. Man. With all his bombings, and suicide bombings, his kidnappings, his traffickings, his murders, and his obstinacy! Only so recently (November 29) many newspapers in Nigeria, carried the report “Suspected Ritualists arrested in Lagos with a Fresh Human Head)(The Guardian, pg.12). The victim was beheaded to perform rites to raise money for one of the suspect’s baby – naming ceremony. And so it goes on! Practically every section of each Nigerian newspaper relates tales of war, of Boko Haram’s insurgencies, or of persons being slain, reputedly by wandering Fulani herdsmen.
Akindele will have to freeze awhile in the prison cell. But the society (Nigeria) also resembles a prison cell, or a place where people get locked out (or locked in), and are not able to prosecute their legitimate activities! There is too much stress (and distress) in the daily life of Lagosians. Lagos is not a place for one to embark on needless journeys. Lagos is a place where traffic runs at a snail’s pace, and the word “go-slow,” “traffic-jam,” grid-lock” can be used interchangeably to describe the pace or progress of its transport. And in many cases the ubiquitous motorcycle (bike, or okada) is the only ray of hope of release from the dreary asphictiation of the traffic grid- lock.

Nigeria is an amazing place! But the casual observer will note that the entire world is in a state of much ferment. Only last month a prominent Saudi-Arabian journalist, Mr. Jamal Khashoggi, was slain like a chicken in the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul Turkey, and there are strong suspicions that his murder was instigated by the top echelon of the Saudi royal house. But everywhere on earth there is restlessness, restlessness in the affairs of men, and restlessness in the forces of Nature! Only of recent ferocious forest fires have burnt uncontrollably in California, burning hundrens of persons to death. Only of recent floods have wreaked havoc in North Carolina in the United States of America. Hurricanes, tornadoes,tsunamis and earthquakes routinely ransack nations in the far East and the New World. What exactly is going on in the world of today? People are silent about these great questions. In hushed tones they talk of “climate change” and “global warming.” But an explanation of these frightening phenomena is not forthcoming from the priests, prelates, imams, popes,rabbis etc. of the present day. All these esteemed religious leaders proffer a deafening silence when they are invited to explain why the earth is so restless, why it is in such a state of ferment!

Answers to the vexatious questions as to why the earth is in such chaos are finally proffered by a man of German ancestry whose name is Abd ru shin, (a term of Arabic phraseology which translated means “Son of the Holy Spirit”). Abd ru shin, writing in his epic compendium of 168 lectures, in his “New Knowledge” which is encapsulated in a book titled “The Grail Message,In the Light of Truth,” explains that as a fact the long prophesied “End Times” have arrived, and that in the present “concoction” of the world’s frightening events, man has now reached a state when he has to now confront his own destiny!

Abd ru shin writes:

“THE EARTH is now being encompassed by the Light. A strong cloak firmly envelops the globe so that the Darkness cannot escape. Ever stronger becomes the pressure, sharply forcing together all that is evil, so that one cycle after another of all that has happened must come to a close, and the end “be connected with the beginning. Spears and arrows of Light dart here and there, swords of “Light flash forth, and Lucifer’s minions are being sorely afflicted to their destruction.
“Holy victory for the Light here upon earth! That is God Almighty’s Will! Light shall be everywhere, also among all the errors of mankind so that they may now recognise truthfulness.

(The Beauty of The Peoples, pg.709, The Grail Message of Abd ru shin).

But what do all these statements mean? They mean that on earth today there are explanations about every event, and that these explanations are contained in the “victorious” Grail Message. They mean that every man is proffered a chance to become “knowing,” and that they point to the fact that God is not silent about the great calamities that now envelop His perfect globe. But God cannot work outside His Own Laws! And the great calamities now racking earth are a result of the earth’s great state of “ripeness!” Abd ru shin has described the earth of the present day with its great activity of “boiling,” as its having entered a phase of boiling described as “The Great New Cosmic Turning-Point!” So the reader of this article is advised to take the opportunity of availing himself of reading the momentous ground- breaking Grail Message by purchasing this Grail Message in the numerous bookshops scattered all over the nation, and also among merchants selling second-hand books.

Abd ru shin makes the stupendous claim that his Grail message is “equivalent” to the “true Message of Jesus Christ,” and Abd ru shin writes:

“With my words I lead to God and also to Jesus! However, in a more vital way than has been known in the past, and not as people have trimmed it through their propensity for spiritual comfort! Jesus shall not be given up as the Son of God “through my Message! He must now now be recognised as such all the more, but not as the servant and slave of a decayed humanity in order to carry their burden of guilt, or to redeem it so that they may have it easier!

“The meaning and purpose of the Message from the Light through me in the fulfillment of God’s all-Holy Will is the necessary extension of the knowledge for mankind.

“The day has come! The Darkness must perish! The glorious Light of God now breaks in two all that is wrong and burns what is indolent in this Creation, so that it can pursue its course only in light and joy for the blessing of all creatures, as a jubilant prayer of thanks for every Grace of their Creator, to the honour of God, the Only One, the Almighty!

(Believers Merely Out of Habit, pgs.917-919 excerpted, The Grail Message of Abd ru shin).

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