ELOZINO’S MURDER : Police Arrest Three, CDHR Decries High Crime Rate in Delta, Plus Elo’s Last Hour.


The Delta State Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Mustafa, has disclosed that the Command has arrested two Yahoo boys and a private security man over the murder of a female student of Delta State University, Abraka, Miss Ogege Elozino.

Elozino, a 22-year-old 300 level student in the Department of Mass Communication, was found dead in a bush on the outskirts of Abraka, Delta State, on November 18, after she was declared missing on November 15.

The police commissioner informed journalists in Asaba on Friday that the student was murdered by persons suspected to be ritual killers. He stressed that the police would do everything to ensure the arrest and prosecution of the people who committed the crime.

Mustafa further disclosed that some of the major suspects connected to the crime had been arrested and were already assisting the police in the ongoing investigation. He urged members of the public to give the command credible information that could lead to the arrest of other suspects who were still at large.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the state chapter of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Comrade Kehinde Taiga, has decried the high rate of crime in the state. Kehinde said the rate of ritual killings, kidnappings, armed robberies, rape cases and others violent crimes had increased under the watch of the police commissioner.

Reacting to Elozino’s killing, Kehinde said, “The perpetrators must be brought to justice without any form of compromise. The commissioner of police must wake up from his slumber because justice must be served. The students living in the community said suspected ritualists, popularly called ‘Yahoo Boys’ might have killed Elozino.

“Elozino was found dead with her tongue and breasts severed from her body after three days of declaring her missing. It is annoying, so we urge the police commissioner to bring these killers to book without wasting time.


Zino on her last day on earth…
(Visualised by Bro Duncan)

Can you hear me?

My name is ELOZINO and here’s my story.
By now, alot of sad notes must have been penned about me. Rage and vengeance-clamors must have found oral expressions, all for my sake. Alot of nice things about who I was would have been broadcasted. What a way to become popular, right?

If you’re reading this, just know that I am in a more peaceful place. A place I didn’t believe I would ever be this quick. It was never my desire to leave so soon but I was hurried out by the pawns of satan, from a secure place I considered most safe; inside the very school that guaranteed my safety from harm. For where else could be safer than inside the school campus?

It was just a bright day as usual. I wanted to relocate from my hostel for a change. I thought to myself, school hostel would be best for me since I had a year left. I was already concluding plans to settle down…….

Terrible looking boys dressed in designer clothes pulled up in their fancy car, in front of me. Everything looked strange and happened so fast. I must’ve inhaled something strange. The atmosphere felt different and in a matter of minutes, I was inside their car and we were heading towards the school gate. This was a kidnap! I was abducted inside the school premises. I screamed for help but the words wouldn’t go past my lips. I wished someone could hear my thoughts. I had temporarily lost the use of my faculties and my vision was blurry.

As we zoomed towards the school gate, I had hope. I have passed through the gate severally and I knew the security guards there would definitely search the vehicle and discover me, as they have always done times before. These guys who looked like G-boys would be in soup. The vehicle got to the checkpoint and a light-skinned young man walked towards the car and asked them to wind down their glasses. What followed after was most unbelievable! He shook the driver and with the words “we go see later na….carry go my man…steady movement”, said in Urhobo, shook the depths of my soul. I had been sold, and those put in charge of securing my life in school failed me. I was terrified as the car drove towards the expressway, into oblivion. My fate was sealed.

I found myself in a large room surrounded by mean-looking, heartless men, with knives and daggers. It dawned on me that these were ritualistic devils, bent on “ushering themselves in by taking me out”.
I had a muffle on my mouth and my screams were unheard. As they walked towards me, I pleaded for mercy. I cried and cried. I wept and begged them to let me go, to no avail.

One of them pierced my eye with a sharp object and with my left eye, I beheld my right eye in his hands like it were some plaything. It was placed inside a basin. That was the last thing I saw because in a matter of seconds, my left eye was plucked out. I couldn’t see anymore. Wasn’t death better then this? I was screaming at the top of my voice as the muffle was a bit loose but that was short-lived.
They proceeded to remove my tongue. I felt myself easing out – of life and awareness, gradually. I couldn’t see, and I couldn’t speak, but I could hear and feel – all I felt was pain, pain, and pain. I then felt a knife cut through my breasts. I was thinking of so many things at this point: my parents, who delighted in me. They loved me so much and I could imagine what they were doing at that moment. Only if they knew what had become of me. I thought about my siblings and my friends, my lecturers and fellowship. I loved the Lord Jesus with all my heart and soul. I was raised to respect everyone. I was not loose and I never walked home late at night. I have never been interested in nightlife. All I wanted was to serve GOD, graduate with a first-class degree and pursue all I had dreamed of. I observed all rules and regulations, in and out of school and obeyed my parents…..AND THEY still came for me?

“Jesus, help me”!! was all I could hear myself saying inside of me. The pain was indeed unbearable. “I want to leave this world” I said to myself, and as if to respond to my wish, felt a slit across my throat. It is finished!!

I opened my eyes later and they were functional. I even touched my eye balls. I spoke again and I was audible. I felt my bosom and they were intact. I checked for the marks on my throat but they were absent. I was whole again.

I still have so many questions.
Why me?
Did I make a mistake by being in school?
Who did I offend?

But I know this; I am also in a whole new environment, where the gatekeepers are incorruptible and where vanity exists no more.

My name is ELOZINO, and this is my story
This country, my brother…

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