Nigerian Politicians and their Primitive Election Campaign Patterns by Comr. Oyinbi Onduku




When the Western world focus political campaign base on peoples oriented and developmental programmes to better the society,our people here in Nigeria are taken different approach.

What manner of agbero campaign strategy is this. How can a right thinking politician champion a political campaign thus! ‘NO EJELE NO SENATE’, disturbing our peace of mind. What nonesense. Let me tell you my brother,

There is Senate without Ejele
There is Senate without Uduaghan
There is Senate without Johnny
There is still Senate without Manager

Nigerians,especially Deltans,let’s change our pattern of politicking.Let’s base our campaign on issues.What you can offer to the people when given the mandate.

The electorates should listen good whenever those politicians approach them for vote.Ask them of their vision for the people.

And political parties should endeavor to screen properly and orient their party aspirants to know what they are made of.Let’s change our primitive style of election campaign.

Our people should stop money bag politics and go for the best.Money cannot guarantee good laws for the people.It is not everything money can buy.let’s give a chance to visionary politicians who have the people at heart.Let us ‘Say No’ to those money thiefs who think their money can take them there.

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