Again Nigerian Government Trained Armed Men(SARS) Rob and Molest Citizen Richard Ovies



CITIZEN Marcus Ekure Reports:

When those who are supposed to be protector of lives and properties become our greatest nightmares, then our dream of a safe, peaceful societal coexistence and tranquility would continue to remain a mirage!!


Due to our ongoing Mobile Train Operation at Abraka, the last two weeks have been so busy for us at UPYA. Many of the Train HODs shuttle almost everyday to and fro Abraka via the Orogun-Abey- Abraka road to the extent that our various vehicles are known to almost all policemen at various checkpoints from Agbarah down to Abraka.

However, today was a very sad day for us all in UPYA going by our experience with the SARS.

This morning, myself and the HOD of our ICT department, Richard Ovies were to set out for Abraka. But being that my entrepreneurship class was slated for 9am, my plan was tailored towards living Ughelli at most by 8am. However, since the ICT class commences by 10am and Richard has some engagement to clear up at UPYA Secretariat making it impossible for both of us togo together, I had to go ahead of him.

As usual, I passed through the various checkpoints without stress until I drove into these men of the under world (the so-called Fed. SARS) few minutes after the Abbey round about. I was stopped by one tall slim light complexioned SARS operative. I managed to escape their wrath after delaying me for close to 20 minutes, making me to arrive my destination late.

When 10am clocked, all students, as usual were dispatched to their various departments. I took the Catering students today since Chef Tonia was unavoidably absent. So I was so busy in the kitchen to note that my brother, who left Ughelli few minutes after me, hasn’t arrived even one hours after my arrival. His students waited till they got tired, yet there was no trace of him until at about 2.30pm I got an SMS from him alerting me that men of the Fed. SARS along Abraka road took him since morning and are taking him to an Unknow destination (forest) along Umutu- Agbor road.

The moment I received the SMS, cold ran through my spine and thank God, the head of 22 Battalion in that area to which RIVOTEL plays host, was right there as well as my co-consultant , Tobi Dafe. We called the line severally which perpetually rang but no response until it was switched off. So we took off with a military hilux enrout the Abraka Abbey Road but couldn’t find those criminals anymore.

At about 3.30pm, our ICT HOD drove into the Motel. His body was full of bruises as though he was heavily assaulted. He was full of shock!!


His car was faulty so he had to use his dad’s Luxury Porch Car so as to meet up with his class by 10am.

So on getting to the Fed. SARS check point, he was waved down to which he obeyed. The police man asked him the owner of the car and he told him, his dad. He requested for the relevant documents of which he was shown. The next thing the man said was, ”oboy you they lie say na ur papa get motor make we for nor chop your money abi?” After much persuasion, the officer waved him to go.

Unknowingly to our ICT HOD that one of them ahead of him was in the bush ruched out and bailed him up with the nuzzle of the gun asking him to pack well. So my guy slammed his brake and was trying to explain. Before he could say Jack Robinson, the nuzzle crazy idiotic criminal in uniform had already released about 5 gun shots for only God knows why!

When he finally packed to explain, the policeman gave him a resounding slap on his chick. Before he realised what was happening, he was already on the floor of the road being brutalized from one end to the other. The young man was just shouting, ”what is my offence, what did I do to deserve this maltreatment?”. The next thing they did was to form an allegation on him that he almost ran an officer down with his vehicle. In addition to that, was another lie that he was having contra bound goods in his car which he threw away upon sighting them.

At this point, they collected his car key, handed it over to one of their men to drive the car while they held my guy in their van.

First, he was taken to one bush where they made several threats to his life. One of then asked him if he could raise N500,000 he would be freed. When my brother noticed that every resistance or disapproval to their request increases their brutality on him, he resolved to obey their commands.

They then came out of the bush path and drove him towards Umutu Agbor area where they now asked him to give them 500,000. My brother told them he doesn’t even have a dime in his account. One of them then said, “you think say we go road go look Uche face abi? make you thank your god say we nor shoot you come put gun for your hand. Make you nor find the money come, you go see wetin we go do you”.

Meanwhile, all through the process, they seized his phones and forbade him from contacting anyone. At the end, they searched his wallet and saw an ATM card belonging to my brother’s friend, hence, they forcefully drove him to a bank at Obiaruku where the withdrew the only N100,000 in the account.

After they collected the money, they now freed him and forbade him to tell anyone his experience.

The truth is that we have heard so much of the nefarious and criminal act of men of this fed. SARS but never knew it’s this bad.

I heard, owing to their recent unrepentant escapades, they have been banned from mounting checkpoints/ road blocks yet you still see them in our roads. These particular ones dressed in the normal uniform of the police but had SARS inscribed on their face caps.

We have vowed to bring these criminal elements to justice using all necessary legal options. This is imperative to avoid its continues occurrences. They are not fit to be those guiding us at all. They are evil ! They are criminal. These men will never go unpunished!! We declare full fledged support for the Operation SARS Must go struggle!!

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