Why I prefer Omoyere Sowore as Nigeria’s next President by Adeyeye Olorunfemi


1. In less than 6 months, Sowore, without owning a private jet has travelled to 28 States in Nigeria and over 10 Countries engaging Nigerians everywhere they are. He has communicated to Nigerians more than the sitting President Buhari.

– *I think I prefer this ‘Students’ Union President’*

2. He has thoroughly shaken the polity by engaging Nigerians with ideas, most of which has been stolen by the ruling party. When he promised to pay 100 thousand naira as ‘living’ wage, asserting boldly that he and his team have done the calculations to ascertain the feasibility and sustainability, many ‘Economists on Facebook’ booed him saying that he is not knowledgeable. 3 days later, the Senate started discussing 65 thousand naira as ‘minimum’ wage.

– *I think I prefer this Students’ Union President*

3. He did not stop at that. He promised 50 thousand naira as NYSC ‘allawee’. That immediately would cause inflation according to ‘Buharinomists’ whose knowledge of Economics is only for the rich and greedy. They cease to understand Economics when it involves the poor and needy.
Today, the news is everywhere that the FG would pay *#49, 800* even though it has not been implemented.

– *It seems this ‘Students’ Union President’ understands Economics that favours the poor*

4. Whenever he talks about fighting Corruption, they don’t debate it with him because they know he is already doing that with his 50 naira pen, laptop and his feet on the ground. Just imagine what will happen if he was the Grand Commander of all Armed Forces!

– *I think I prefer this ‘Students’ Union President’*

5. In order to promote National Unity and Cohesion, he has mentioned among other things, scrapping the idea of ‘State of Origin’ which has divided Nigerians. This idea has birthed and promoted favoritism, nepotism and gross malfeasance. Nigerians don’t get what they deserve anymore except they connect with an ‘oga-at-the-top’ who is from their clan. The mainstream politicians can’t even think of such action because it would infuriate their godfathers. These suzerains enjoy subservience.

– *I think this ‘Students’ Union President’ is bringing into governance the Campus thing- where First Class degree isn’t awarded because of tribal affiliations but intellectual capacity*

6. This is someone who went to South Africa and protested the Xenophobia going on there. For calling Nigeria, South Africa’s ‘big brother’, his interview with SABC was cancelled. He did not back out of his fight for Nigerians. He repeated that statement on another station.

– *I think this ‘Students’ Union President’ is needed more than those who CONDEMN the killings of Nigerians only on the pages of newspapers*

7. I saw somewhere not long ago this question- ‘Why would a Presidential aspirant be protesting?’
This question, first of all shows how intellectualism has left our kind of Education in Nigeria.
We have been taught how ‘Presidential materials’ don’t talk tough but softly. ‘Presidential materials’ are agbada-wearing people. ‘They are money-bags’. These are thoughts caused by low-level education.
The good news is that all of these false postulations made by the elite Sowore has crushed in just 6 months. He has shown to so many young Nigerians that they don’t have to be money-bags before they seek elective positions or provide leadership. He has shown that they do not have to come from a family with political capital due to BIG Surnames before they can contest in elections. He has taught a generation how to make their IDEAS bold on posters and not FAMILY NAMES.

It is not out of place to mention that we have so many troubles in Nigeria seeking attention.
If all the 90 political parties (except the ruling party APC) we have today in Nigeria picked one problem each and protested massively, we would be close to freedom, at least the crumbs of the dividends of democracy may get to the masses.

The ruling party would be put on their toes.

Just like the 2-day old political party- African Action Congress (AAC) protested the attacks on Press Freedom which saw to the release of a detained journalist, let the ancient PDP protest against poor Housing. APGA should pick bad economy. AAP should cry out over Corruption. Anti-democratic policies are there for NCP to protest against. A company of KOWA, NIP, SDP, JP etc could pick Buhari’s reckless flouting of Court orders. Political parties should not be vehicles for hire to drive politicians to their destinations- Aso Rock or any other Rock. They are for societal change.

When they talk about ‘experience’, they make one look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary again and again. What has their own experience done for Nigerians?
Buhari has ‘experience’ especially in the Petroleum Ministry having served for years as Minister and PTF Chairman. He (Buhari) said in 2014 when petrol was sold for 97 naira that subsidy is a fraud. He asked, mocking the Jonathan’s government, ‘who is subsidizing who’. This ‘man of intergrity’ got to Office only for him to remove that same subsidy that does not exist.

– *I think I prefer this ‘STUDENTS’ UNION PRESIDENT’ who has a visible track record of standing by his words*

– *Adeyeye Olorunfemi*

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