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Delta state APC governorship aspirant, Comrade Sunny Ofehe, a Netherlands-based activist has said he will deploy his international network and wide knowledge of the oil and gas industry  “to increase economic, labour, social development and sustainability for the state in a way that hasn’t been foreseen in decades”

Comrade Ofehe who spoke to journalists in Warri today said. “Together we work on a one time opportunity, a Divine mission, applying the right combination of resources, expertise and competencies at the top and on the bottom, strengthened by an international network, to create a clean and inspiring state with a democratic and social base. An example for other state and Nigeria as a leading country in Africa”

Responding to questions, Comrade Ofehe said he was positive that he would get the APC governorship ticket as the delegates would soon appreciate the need for clean break from the past despite the fact that he has no godfather because he has nothing to loose as he has the option of going back to Netherlands if the people did not want him to use his vast knowledge and resources to better Delta state

He stressed the importance of Deltans voting for APC both at the state that the national levels because this would make things easier to do at the state levels particularly in respect to getting approvals for some of his important projects with international dimension

The 46-year-old activist-turned-politician said that his top priority would be to give nutritional access to pregnant women and strengthen the institutions that would grow the socioeconomic development of the state.

According to him, he would not promise Deltans construction of roads, schools and hospitals, retorting that they are the minimal basic amenities any government, the world over can offer her people.

“Our policies have been carefully designed in line with sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to combat and improve the living stand of our people. Therefore FixDelta project is a mass movement. It is a movement that comprises all sectors and its inter-relatedness.
“It is a movement that will ensure better education,health, higher savings and better insurance and pension, increasing economic development and the international revenue of Delta state. It is a movement that will attract Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and building a solid infrastructure and logistics as well as more economic diversity, more jobs for our youths
“It is a movement that will create environmentally more sustainable industries and production sites, more regional food production and agriculture for our people”

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