THE ART OF BEING HAPPY by Charles Ayo Dada

A great number of people needlessly live under the scourge of depression and unhappiness. It is as though the world has caved in around them and they do naught but sulk from morning to night. They spread ugliness wherever they go and would readily blame everyone else other than themselves for their woes.
Upon a deeper investigation, it is often revealed that there are no “evil spirits” hounding these persons and that their neighbours are more often than not the cause of their sorrows. The only reason why they have not risen above the mundane is that they fail to take responsibility for their actions – ultimately, for their lives.
The mechanism which governs the Universe is perfect and infallible. It is impeccably awesome! Nothing assails an individual that he did not attract or give birth to at one point in time or the other. Our current decisions are also weaving the fabric that we must sometime adorn in the future …
Wither a way out? Do you sit and sulk all the days of your life regretting the decisions you took that veered you off your path or do you set out with a clear head and heart to remedy your errors? In any case, what to do other than to implore forgiveness and to resume a healthy lifestyle knowing that Life will place the opportunities for redemption upon your path …
The gift of life is precious; and with every single thought, word, and deed, we furnish the threads from which the tapestry of our fate is woven. Thus, every challenge must be met with valiantly and with an open heart. The strength for victory is assuredly mediated to every person who possesses an absolute belief in the Goodness of The Creator.
It must also be clearly understood that brooding and sulking unnecessarily will not remedy any affliction but will only see you sinking further. It will destroy your health, worsen your misery, and compound your woes! Thus, employing such methods is tantamount to heaping refuse upon refuse. A complete waste of time! Why then channel energy into such ineffectual directions?
The “moment” holds the key to everything. Nonetheless, to stay connected to the “Eternal Wisdom”, Helpers and Guides, necessitates a childlikeness and humility. In one word, a “happiness” – that sees you surrendering yourself to a “Higher Guidance”. This also necessitates sincerity with self, and there must be no “politics” or “diplomacy” at play under any condition! The individual must unapologetically be who he is and must not surrender his personal convictions – which he must continuously strive to clarify – to anyone, or group of persons. He must be totally unaffected in the way chooses to live and must live in the moment. Each moment leads to correction and restitution when he realizes that he has erred, and becomes further up-building and enlightening when he walks the right path.
Can we for a moment consider an illustration?
A farmer whose farm is overgrown by weeds wastes valuable time brooding over his misfortune – which in any case was occasioned by his neglect, inaction, carelessness and procrastination – and will not make any progress on that farm until he starts by uprooting the very first weed. Over time, with regular practice and devotion, his farm is again made clean, after which he once more practices the needed alertness to ensure that this state of affairs never repeats itself again. He learns along his path of experiencing how so grave an error it was to have allowed weeds to have taken over his farm in the first plasce; and how those same wildflowers multiply so rapidly, making it extremely arduous to completely eradicate the menace. Every delay occasioned in carrying out this compulsory duty only adds to his woes!
Erstwhile, the farmer next door who prevented this state of affairs by remaining constantly alert, has only to “uproot” the occasional “intruder” when it comes to his notice. The best practice, therefore, is to keep your farm clean and free of weeds! This is akin to keeping ones thoughts pure. Only a light natured species will eventually populate your space and give way to an unceasing feeling of bliss and gratitude!
It is pertinent to be conscious of the thought forms which assail us and which we choose to feed! A person who is considered “good: can often find himself being pressured by unhealthy and oppressive thoughts. Once he observes this, he can dismiss them instantly and focus all of his energy on inspirational things. It is given to him to decide the path he treads. And that is the fundamental difference between a person who is perpetually morose and one who is happy. The former allows dark and negative thoughts floating in the Universe to invade his space while the latter grants this leeway only to positive thoughts! Many and varied are the thoughts which float about the Universe and which we continually feed with our volitions! A volition firmly anchored upon that which is noble and uplifting automatically censors all nasty baggage!
Populate the garden of your mind with beautiful and happy thoughts. Never repay evil with evil and be open to forgiveness all the time. Have compassion on the one who tries to put you down and is saddled with the repugnant energy of envy. In any case, what he says and does will not affect you since you have no homogeneity with his activity. This does not imply stupidity or placing yourself in compromising situations though. A keen alertness will always leave you strong. In following the exhortations of the Great Teacher: “Pray for your enemies!” They do not know any better, and worse still, will have to sooner or later drink to the dregs the bitter wine of their misdeeds!
On the other hand, no one is above making mistakes. But every mistake can grant the human spirit a reason to mature; a lesson to be grateful for. Provided that he is not pretentious and can always follow the dictates of his spirit – no matter how brash he might outwardly seem – in the continuous process of refinement, he will one day reach the longed-for goal.
Every struggle grants movement – and movement alone is life. Deprivations of all sorts and suffering are often necessary moments of schooling, mostly benevolently granted, which serve to impart compassion in the individual towards understanding and alleviating the pain and suffering of his fellow man. And those dire moments – be they emotional, psychic or physical, can only serve to uplift you on the long run.
Joyous and sorrowful are the experiences we encounter on a daily basis while struggling to give meaning to our existence. But the inner man comes from a realm of light and retains his innate happiness. He can never be pervaded by gloom which is alien to his nature. On earth, we all pass through very challenging situations alright; but will always emerge victorious on our paths of experiencing as long as we faithfully look up to The Creator Who Sows naught but Love.
This looking upwards is a conscious connection to pure streams of Light! Those who have found the path to this healthy way of living, who as well strive at all times to give purity to their thoughts at all times, are assured of lasting happiness.
In gratitude to The Lord of all the worlds, therefore, let us set out with a grateful heart, warriors of Light all, to conquer the world with our laughter and happiness!
With our love, dear traveller, which is as kind as it is justly severe!

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