The Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-corruption Crusade has criticized the federal government’s response to the threat by northern youths for Igbos to leave the north saying “mere assurance cannot solve and avert the impending bloodbath occasioned by the threat of eviction”. Below is the statement:

The invidious declaration of war against the Igbos vis-avis the southern Nigerians by a coalition of Northern youths is an antithesis to our continues existence. The macabre sung sang by these divisive elements is an insidious tsunami that if executed, will consume the entire nation thereby bidding a goodbye to our marriage of circumstance.
While this looming internecine amagadon is staring on our faces, waiting for a little friction to explode, we are surprised that the Federal Government is paying lip service to it. The response by the Government to merely assure Nigerians without more, to go about their law businesses in the face of this provocative utterance is dangerous to our very existence. Mere assurance cannot solve and avert the impending bloodbath occasioned by the threat of eviction.
Historical facts are abound where similar threat speeches were issued by select Nigerians, especially from the northern part of the Country. The lukewarm attitudes of the various governments had made those threats to be materialised. The Federal Government must not just address the issue with a wave of hand. Unless a proactive step is taken to nip this repeated threat of violence against the southern people in the bud, we fear that history may repeat itself.

For the Federal Government to only condemn the perpetrators of this treasonable act without more, allowing only the Kaduna State Governor to order for their arrest sounds ridiculous. The Acting President should be man enough to save Nigeria from the imminent precipice. Kaduna State Governor has no power of command on the security agencies in the Country. It is an abdication of duty for the FG to be an onlooker, while a Governor with limited power is doing its work. Nobody is above the law and no one should be treated as sacred cow. The law must equally be enforced on all and sundry. The police should  not be given us flimsy excuses. The faces behind the threat are not masked men. They are known and prominent individuals in the North. All Nigeria security apparatus should go after them as they have been doing to South South and South East people. Even if they happens to withdraw their provocative statement, perhaps due to public odium, the law must still take its course for the felonious act already committed against the Country.
On the eviction notice, we sensed that Northern Youths only worsen the situation. Given Igbos eviction notice will only boost the spirit of their struggle. You pushed them more to disembark from Nigeria other than the unity we are supposed to be preaching. If the northern Youth have any issue to contend with in this Country then let them channel their grievances to the Government. The Igbos are not our problem but the refusal of the Government to restructure the Country is the problem. What Nigeria need is a restructured true federalism where every region has equal stake in the project.
We use this medium to appeal to the Igbo people and indeed, the entire Southern Nigerians to be law abiding, while the Government tackles the issue. Nigerians have inured with the series of threats of violence issued by retinue of some overbearing Nigerians who felt the Country belongs to them. This is not the time to return vengeance for vengeance. What we need now is to preach peace and love for one another.
Alaowei E. Cleric Esq.,
National President.

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