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Professor Pius Oyeniran Abioje, a Professor of Christian theology at the University of Ilorin, has stated that Jesus Christ did not die to save the world.

He said this while delivering the 167th Inaugural Lecture of the university, entitled, ‘Christian Prophets and Other Prophets in Nigeria’.

According to him, Jesus Christ was killed by haters of truth. He then noted that critical prophets should always anticipate opposition and conspiracy from unexpected quarters.

“The conspiracy that killed Jesus Christ came from the millieu of the chief priest and the political elite.

“Regrettably,the interpretations by many Christians is that God wanted Jesus to die so as to save the world. Yet the world continues to persecute innocent critical prophets.

“Why cannot Christians emphasise that Jesus was killed by haters of truth,the religio-political powers that be,particularly since the world is still seeking redemption?

“Nigerians should learn to see critical prophets as friends of the society,and pardon them whenever they happen to err,since no human being is infallible.”

He urged Nigerians in positions of authority to learn to see critical prophets as partners in progress towards human edification,not as adversaries.

He also urged prophets to see their divinatory knowledge as divine endowment which should be used altruistically and not for exploitation.

“People who consult esoteric prophets should be discerning and not gullible,” he added. “They should avoid frequent recourse to divinatory prophecy to avoid mediumistic psychosis”

Abioje also urged Nigerians to strive to become critical prophets to speak against evil on behalf of God and try to live holy lives.

He also advised that academic programmes should not include introduction to critical prophecy, “which makes a person to be committed to advocacy in godly words and actions,even as medical doctors,engineers,architects,lawyers and so on and not only as clergy men and women, Virtues for which critical prophets strive is unarguably the key to individual and social progress,even when truth can be very bitter.”SOURCE:

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