The murder of Jesus was not willed by His Father! by Banji Ayoola


jesuschrist1The crucifixion of Jesus was fueled by the hypocrisy, lies, deception, vengeance, fear, lust for unchallenged power, influence and control over the people, flaming hatred and bloodthirsty of the priests.

By the greed and ego wrapped up in the conspiracy of those who proclaimed to be servants of the same God, the Father of and Who had sent the One they hated with blazing passion.

They hated Him because of the sweeping, powerfully convincing effect that the Truth Which He brought and spread, the miracles which He performed, the Purity, super earthly Power and Love which brilliantly radiated in and out of Him, His Words and Deeds, had on the people.

They hated Him, trailed Him throughout His Mission, finding and cooking up faults to implicate Him, conspired against Him, invented and spread lies against Him, dug out rigid letters of their own lifeless law to frame him up as a blasphemer of His Father Whose servants they professed to be!

They did all these to protect their influence among, and control over, the people.

It is these hypocrites in priests garments, superintended over by the fiendish Caiaphas, who roused a whole nation and the reluctant Roman Governor Pilate behind the priestly conspiracy against the Son of God and against His Father Whom they pretended to serve, using as mere tools several credulous allies among and outside the priesthood, even from the highest and unimaginable quarters, from the immediate earthly proximity of the Lord!

Star among these priest-craft tools was another fiend in female shape who reportedly had evil rooted in her soul, and who lured one of the Lord’s disciples Judas by deception and strong persuasion to betray the Master.

And lo He was arrested thus signalling off the most horrible event of the worst crime ever committed in history! The murder of the Son of God Jesus!

And they nailed Him to the crucifix; fabricated from the Cross, the Holy Symbol of His Father Whose servants they professed to be!

The whole Creation wept and protested! In violent thunderstorms, earthquakes, rending in twain the veil shielding the Temple’s Holies of Holies from human sight or touch, enveloping and swallowing up the Calvary and the whole of its hosting nation in gloomy total darkness!

Yet priest-craft had its way!

And when recognition of his fatal error dawned on him, remorse weighing heavily on his soul drove the sorely troubled Judas to suicide.

This event reportedly threw Iscariot the father and his family particularly Judith the sister, into deep agony.

And the fiendish Caiaphas was not moved!

This suicide, all these rumblings, upheavals and protests of Nature against this sad event confirm that the death was not willed by the Father!

Contrary to the falsehood of a proprietary sacrificial death which distorted history has spread on earth ever since!

It is a lie!

The crucifixion of Jesus by the priests headed by the fiendish Caiaphas was murder, a dastardly crime! Yet this devilish Caiaphas was not moved! He was not touched, neither was his conscience pricked!

Rather, supported by the sleek Anas, his deputy as High Priest and the priestly class, he went on spreading lies, distorting history, plotting and executing further evils to protect his power, influence,
wealth, fame and control over the people.

Even after interring the earthly cloak of the Lord, this fiend reportedly placed the priestly seals on the sepulcher and commandeered a round the clock watch by Roman soldiers on it to prevent the proclaimed physical rising from the dead of the ‘Nazarene’ on the third day!

Again he made feverish attempts to blot out the Name Jesus out of history!

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