War against Boko Haram may last up to 50 years – General Irabor


The Nigerian military yesterday disclosed that some of its officers had sold arms and ammunition to Boko Haram.The theatre commander, Operation Lafia Dole, Major General Lucky Irabor, told reporters in Yola that the affected officers were already facing a court-martial.

Irabor, who was in Adamawa State to inspect newly acquired warplanes to be used in fight against the Islamist sect, said military operations would continue until the insurgents have been defeated.

He also disclosed rescue by the military of over 20,000 people held in Boko Haram camps.”There is no going back in the fight against terrorism in the northeastern region of the country. We are going to continue heavy attacks in Sambisa Forest and other areas Boko Haram are occupying until they are completely cleared from the zone,” he said.

The commander noted there are still towns in Borno State under control of the sect. “But there is no local government totally under their control. It is just few towns. But very soon, we will recapture them,” he added.

Irabor described a recent video showing girls abducted from Chibok town by Boko Haram as fake. He said the clip was the product of a desperate and fading terrorist group, struggling to prove it is still active. “The video is an evidence of defeat and the mental torture Boko Haram is suffering,” he said.

The General also spoke on two journalists and a lawyer declared wanted by the military. He said: “Two of the three persons reported to military authorities in Abuja and Borno State. Preliminary investigations confirmed the three have an extensive close relationship with Boko Haram. I will not give you details because the investigation is still on. I cannot make statements that may affect effective conclusion of investigations.”

He urged members of the public to volunteer information to security agents, to help in the fight against the insurgents.Asked when operations against Boko Haram might end, Irabor said: “I cannot give you the exact date. It is when Boko Haram drop their arms or when we are able to crush them. It can be tomorrow or in the next 20 years. Terrorism war can last 50 years.”

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