Nestoil Boss Buys N76b Jet Amidst Agitation, Neglect Allegations from Oil Bearing Communities


C.Dan Madu wrote, Last December, Anambra born billionaire, businessman, and chairman of Nestoil, Dr. Ernest Obijackson, was in the United States of America with his team for one reason.
The team from Lagos, Nigeria, was scheduled to sign a contract for the acquisition of a Gulfstream G-700 jet from the manufacturer in Georgia, United States.
The aircraft is worth 76 billion naira.
Azudialu-Obiejesi’s decision to procure the G-700 aircraft underscores his commitment to building a world-class energy conglomerate.
The private jet will be delivered any moment from now, and Okija-born Obijackson and Nestoil will join an exclusive group of global elites as one of the first buyers of the new luxury Gulfstream G-700 jet.
This is not the first private jet that Obi Jackson is buying.
He owns a couple of private jets that are parked at Nestoil’s hanger at the international airport in Lagos, and just last year, Nestoil spent 31 billion naira on parts, maintenance, and management for its existing jets.
Ernest Obi Jackson, who was born in Onitsha and who attended DMGS secondary school,started as a small trader in Onitsha before relocating to Lagos and striking gold when he founded Nestoil.
Nestoil is an integrated oil and gas company that operates in the upstream sector.
The company, through its subsidiary Neconde, has an oil well in the OML 42 field, which they bought from Shell.
The company is also into designing, engineering, construction, and procurement for foreign oil companies operating in the Niger Delta.
They design and build pipelines as well.
Nestoil is the main cash flow of the business and is widely successful too.
They work for clients like NNPC, Shell, and Cheveron.
Neconde, which is the man’s second business, is still struggling and yet to break even because of the oil theft in the Niger Delta.
Obi Jackson also owns one of the biggest office building in Lagos and the whole country named the Nestoil Tower.
It is located in Victoria Island Lagos.
An imposing structure that speaks to his impeccable taste for class
Obi Jackson is one of the few role models I look up to because his story reminds  me that it is possible to start small like he did, 3 decades ago in Onitsha and still end up as a big businessman.

However, a Focal points Reports by Ezekiel Kagbala said the chairman of Neconde Energy Limited Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi whose company is currently operating the OML 42 Asset with NPDC Amarata JPMT in Warri Southwest Local Government Area of Delta State was widely reported as the Nigerian businessman who lavishly ordered 60 Billion Naira Luxury private Jet.

Unfortunately, Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi’s companies give little or no attention to the plight of his poor and starved host, Oml 42 communities. The communities present a sorrowful sight of neglect, no corporate social responsibility, and no PIA implementation.

It was alleged that Ernest’s company like other oil companies created division and disunity amongst the people just to exploit their resources, harvest Trillions of Naira, and deliberately keep the youths especially those educated ones in poverty.

The report that a Nigerian businessman, the CEO of Nest Oil, who is also the MD of Neconde Energy Limited,  ordered 60 Billion Naira Luxury private Jet. It is good news that at least Ijaw communities are producing billionaires, the land is prosperous and other international oil companies can come in to invest.

The untold story is that Ijaw people particularly those in the domain of his operations, OML 42 Host Communities, Odidi 1, Odidi 2, Egwa 1 & Egwa 2, Batan and Jones Creek in Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State, where the money was allegedly made from are wallowing in multidimensional poverty.

FocalPoint Reports considers it a worthy project to lay bare the plight of the people as a partner to the overall progress and Development of the Niger Delta, particularly, the Ijaw communities that feed the nation. This is also a wakeup call for Ernest to pay his contractors, and create and support human capital development programs.

Severally, host communities to OML 42 have issued ultimatums to Neconde Energy Limited, the  Nigeria operators of the OML42 asset, and the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, NPDC, asking for menial jobs to earn a living. Instead of addressing their needs sustainably, the business entities seemed to enjoy the profits accrued from the woes of the people.

The N60 Billion Luxury Jet shows that Delta State is richly blessed with what could sustain the entire state, create employment for many, and lift thousands of persons out of poverty, however, greedy men would always enrich themselves with the people’s resources and use what they have made to trample on their victims.

Neconde’s boss swims in billions and trillions yet cannot impact the lives of the people of the small communities where he makes Billions and Trillions. But has so many projects transforming and impacting lives in his home State where he makes nothing from.

His company makes a mockery of the people (community leaders) by giving selected few some miserable clearing, local security, and open boats’ contracts then calling them contractors to enable them to manage their state of poverty, at least to be better than their neighbors in the same Ijaw land where the people cannot enjoy their wealth.

Even the poverty management rubbish called a contract, they cry out in protest for the management of Neconde Energy Limited, Amarata to stop sidelining local contractors in the execution of jobs even as the company operates in their domain.

It could be recalled vividly, in March 2023, how the host communities in Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State, cried out in penury when the management of Neconde  Amarata NPDC, JPMT, allegedly duplicated themselves into smaller enterprises and pretended to be bidding for contracts that should be awarded to local contractors.

It was obvious that Neconde never wanted to involve local contractors in the execution of jobs even in the community where they were operating. It was a situation where foreigners stylishly and ‘lobbyshly’ took what rightfully belonged to the people even denying them Jobs, development, and empowerment.

The communities despite being rich with crude oil deposit, has nothing to show, in term of developmental projects. Like Nigerian politicians, the companies focus on enriching themselves at the expense of the ordinary people who battle with untold hardship.

Shockingly, there is no single developmental project in OML 42 communities, no pure drinkable water, or hospital,  and there are no quality schools in the area where  Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi, companies are generating over $76 million for a private jet.

As we speak, youths from OML 42 communities cannot afford decent accommodations, they don’t have jobs because our laws are badly fashioned to make the poor poorer and the rich richer, and even the welfare of the workers of OML 42 facilities is the worse in term of salaries, and yet the company refuses to pay them.

As a matter of urgency, Ijaws must rise and fight to emaciate themselves from economic degradation, there cannot be peace without justice.

Neconde’s management can duplicate themselves into names like Amarata, Nestoil, and many more, so it would be inevitable for the people to call on the Federal Government to consider withdrawing their operational licenses.

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