Youth Leaders Urge NJC to Relocate Election Appeal Cases to Abuja to Douse Political Tension

National State News

The Delta State Assembly of Youth Leaders (DSAYL) has called on the National Judicial Council(NJC) to address the escalating political tensions in Delta State by relocating all Election Tribunal appeal cases to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Addressing Journalists in Warri, the group highlighted the growing trend of post-election litigations in the country, which has raised concerns about the integrity of the electoral process. They emphasized the need for swift and careful action by the government to prevent unnecessary agitations that could potentially lead to a breakdown of law and order.

The youth group expressed its deep concern over the political tensions arising from recent election tribunal verdicts in Delta State, saying , while some individuals are celebrating the outcomes, others are feeling disappointed and angry.

Speaking on behalf of the youth leaders, Mr Dudun Oritsegbubemi and Orherime Bakpa, Secretary and Public Relations Officer
respectively, urged the Judicial Council to intervene by relocating all election appeal cases to Abuja. They argued that this move would help to mitigate the escalating tensions in Delta State and ensure a fair and unbiased resolution of the electoral disputes.

The Youth Leaders further called on the government and relevant stakeholders to prioritize the integrity of the electoral process and uphold the principles of democracy, they stressed the importance of transparency, fairness, and justice in resolving electoral disputes, thereby fostering peace and stability in the region.

The youth leaders further urged all citizens of Delta State to remain calm and law-abiding, while expressing their confidence in the ability of the National Judicial Council to address the prevailing political tensions.

According to the group, “historically, among the main causes of the 2003 fighting in Delta State (as in 1999) have been disputes over the manner in which state and federal elections would be run, and the lack of confidence in the institutions responsible for resolving those disputes and ensuring the vote would be free and fair.

“What we do not want as a group in the State, is aggrieved persons high jacking the peace and tranquility currently being enjoyed in Delta State as there seems to be growing tension in the camp of those who lost to their opponents at the various tribunals.

“The political tension is not only in Delta State but can also be sensed in some states across the country. We believe as a group that our Justices must be protected at all cost and the sanctity of the judiciary must be upheld at all times.”

As the situation unfolds, stakeholders and the public await the response of the NJC to the pressing concerns raised by the Delta State Assembly of Youth Leaders.

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