Death and the other world. by Herbert Vollmann


Birth and death are the beginning and end of human life. A person who still has at least a little desire for the Truth cannot ignore both important questions – namely, how life enters the earthly body and what happens to it after death.
The claim that “everything ended” with an earthly death is so one-sided and illogical that it should not even be talked about.
Most people are so stuck in low opinions focused on the earth that they can no longer detach themselves from them. Through a one-sided reunification of the land of transient reason, people lost all connection and contact with the extraterrestrial world, which was not grossly visible.
They have thus lost a very important key to exploring the mysteries of life – namely, the ability to draw conclusions from what has its cause “above” and what “below” appears to be the consequence.
Nevertheless, it would be possible to gain much higher knowledge by simply studying the consequences “down” here, if it is taken into account that the same laws are in place in both the visible and the terrestrial world .
These laws of creation make up not only the terrestrial but also the “supernatural.” In addition, they cause nothing to be lost in the great creation !
Therefore, he must also have some form of life that escaped from the earth’s body at death, and this form had to come somewhere.
That is indeed the case.
The “formed life” that leaves the dead body is the soul, which has the same shape as the earthly body and comes to the so-called “that world” after death. “The Other World” is a general term for many different areas.
The law of gravity determines where the soul will go there.
Depending on how she made herself light or difficult with her thoughts and actions on earth, she rises or falls after separation into an area that has the same weight with her and therefore attracts her kind.
Here, too, there is a well-known plot on earth: “He seeks an equal!”, Which is nothing but a consequence of the law of attraction of the same kind.
Just as the law of gravity affects the  earth when a piece of cork floats on the water, a piece of iron in it sinks to the bottom, and perhaps another object remains floating in the middle of the water. Throughout creation, the action of laws is uniform, only the manner and  form of action vary according to species.
The best proof of the unity of the laws of creation is man himself.
It is united in it both earthly in the form of an earthly body and extraterrestrial in the being of its soul. If different laws applied to both species , humans could not exist at all.
Man has too narrow and one-sided concepts for living events in creation and for the continuation of the soul after death, if he still believes in him at all.
If the soul wants to live after death , it must not rest, but must move! Because just movement is life!
Sayings like “go to eternal rest” or “sleep sweetly!” Give a completely wrong idea of what is happening in the afterlife. The most active activity in the other world and experience is much stronger and richer than here on earth.
Man will find in the other world everything he thought and felt on earth; there are his “works” that follow him or expect him, good and bad. She alone would be enough to keep people calm here.
There can be no question of any personal rest or calm for the dead until the time of the Last Judgment! There is only a period of becoming that is filled with the most active experience.
The resurrection to the Last Judgment must be understood spiritually. All the qualities acquired by the human spirit are forced by the pressure of light to make a strong movement, ie, “awakening,” so that they strengthen themselves automatically when they are good, or are suppressed if they are unable to vibrate in the same direction as these rays of light.
In addition to earthly death, there is another death that is eternal or spiritual and results in the loss of self-awareness.
It is the duty of man to deal with survival after death during his stay on earth in order to be clear about what his real goal is. Admonition “Remembrance of Death!” Is a warning call to earthly people to forget the big trip to paradise, to which the earthly death only gateway that offers self-confident world view pilgrim on a journey that goes beyond earthly!
If you want to know how to go this way, take the Grail Message from Abd-ru-shin in your hand. In this work, people are offered a complete knowledge of creation in untouchable objectivity and consistency.
The Grail message gives people the knowledge of the existence of another, invisible world, which is even more powerful and beautiful than the earthly.
How ridiculous it is for people to want to prove with empty words that this gigantic world does not exist simply because it does not want to show itself on their horizons, which are narrowed by their own failures.
Despite this narrowing, however, there is always plenty of help that will immediately bring people a little closer to a “supernatural” understanding if they have the slightest goodwill.
People have often tried to break through the dividing walls they have built again.
Years ago, for example, the well-known poet 1) promised to be heard after his death, if possible. And he really succeeded. He described his experience very well through one woman. It stood there:
“The landscape in which we live is significantly different from the terrestrial. It is happily clean and clear. It gives an infinite amount of light and nothing gray or even dark.
There are also land and sea, trees and plants, but everything is more and more beautiful than on earth.
Even bird feathers have brighter and more colorful colors. Most surprising, however, are flowers. Not only scents flow from them, but also beautiful tones, inaudible to the earth’s ears, tones that are different for each type of flower.
We know no fatigue here, no need for rest. We feel constantly penetrated by wonderful force. Time matters. We are still busy because we can learn a million times more here than on earth.
Millions and millions of souls of the dead can be found here. Spirits can communicate with each other, even if they have spoken different languages in earthly life.
The ability to move is also wonderful. There is no terrestrial species, because there are no earthly bodies. Sure, I have a character that can be compared to the body, but I’m not bound by it.
We just want to go somewhere and we are really in place.
In the future, it will certainly be possible to re-establish contact between earthly people and the souls of the dead. To do so, however, it is necessary for a person to open with confidence the gates of knowledge which he has closed himself because he lacked faith. “
Earthly death stops scaring us when we know that for a person who is trying to move forward, it only means moving from one level to another. The soul, at the core of which is the spirit, takes off only the transient earthly box, but retains the form of the body as a characteristic of the self-confident spirit.
The actual home of the spirit is in the spiritual realm, in  paradise. The road there is long, but it is lined with bright gardens, in which she finds the human spirit, striving for the awake, wonderful help and refreshing reinforcement. One of these bright gardens from that world is described by a deceased poet.
The human soul must be born and die more than once to achieve such lightness and purity that it will completely separate it from the earthly. Then comes one earthly death, which is the last for man . Freed from all earthly burdens, the spirit can joyfully rush to the light floodplains when the gates of paradise finally open to him.
By crossing the threshold into the spiritual realm, man has gained a “second life” and above it a beautiful image of the rays is formed, which, when seen, rejoices happily:
The crown of eternal life!

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