OF HOLOCAUST AND SLAVERY: The Hypocrisy by Ena Ofugara

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Israelis and the world On Holocaust that lasted for 4 years (four years too many) “Never Again.” “We must never forget.”  Museums are built to remember it. Every American president goes there to feel the 4 years of anguish of the Jew.
The world came together and gave Israel a “controversial” Palestinian occupied land. (choosing my words carefully but failing) Germany financed their farms and schools as compensation and they pay till date. America remains SUGAR DADDY. Obama built them a defense system that may survive the worst attack. Trump declared Jerusalem their capital. Till today, evangelicals o. TV raise money for  Jews back in Israel. I watch the programs on TV here. Jews are made into magicians when they were, many would say SPOONFED by the rest of the world aside Muslim countries.
Holocaust was four years…. Four years too many.
On Black Slavery, 400….. not Holocaust 4 or even 40 but 400 years of bestial treatment; chains in neck of blacks across an ocean. sales on open markets. black Babies of slaves used as crocodile bait in Florida. Men’s wives and daughters raped by massa and black husband forced to raise a MULATTO he knows is the child of rape. Padlocks on mouths as they work sugarcane plantations and or pick cotton. And the men and boys raped by gay massa too.
The world say “MOVE ON”
They say “no white man today owned slaves”
They say “you were not a slave. Move on”
Did any German living today gas anyone in the concentration camps? Why are movies made of the holocaust almost monthly including the excellent HUNTER on Amazon Prime that had A-Lister Al Pacino doing series? How many Jews were in concentratione camp and alive today?
Why not ask Jews to “move on”? After all four years is easily erased compared to 400.
Where are the movies showing a white man using a black kid as bait for crocodile?
The worst you will see is “12 years a slave.” If what the white man did that was bad was a whip on the back of a girl, (played by Lupita) hehehehe  But that is as far as Hollywood will go to show evil that lasted 400 years.
No movie will be made of Tulsa and massacre of boys and girls by the white skin.  They cannot have been that SAVAGE.  White men loot blacks and kill their children? NOOOOOO! It has to be a lie
Only, it is TRUE.  History books hide it. But black men and their properties have been LOOTED and BURNT BY WHITES for aeons, across oceans, all over the earth. But do not tell anyone. HIDE IT. Blacks are the SAVAGES.
Blacks must move on
Even when they were promised 4 acres and a mule upon freedom, not a dime was given the slaves
They must move on
And when a group of white men and women known as MORMONS, a religious group of white men and women at that time, go to Mexicos so as to be Polygamous, upon return, government has grants for them and land in Utah or so.
But any help to the blackman is “entitlement mentality”
But Israel, for four years of Holcaust ( a terrible deed) Palestnians must leave a land they call home or be second class citizens in it.
“Israelites have suffered so much” is the justification
4 years of Holocaust
A country/ land dashed them. Funds and weapons and schools built for them. America funding them till date
But 4 acres and a mule is too much to give the freed slave whose children you have taken from him and sold and wife the massa is having sex with while slave husband fans him as he rides slave husband’s wife.
Black man must “move on”
Israel must “Never forget”
And even when he rises to build an economy like Tulsa etc, he is massacred and business LOOTED AND BURNT, he and his “black wall street” razed to dust.
But he must MOVE ON
But the confederates that fought a war so as to have right to own a black man and f…k his wife and sell his sons and daughters, “They are our history” says Trump. “we must never apologize for our history” .
But they apologize to Israel everyday. For four years of evil. But 400 years of evil to black men, “we must not apologize” “Our children must not be indoctrinated” says Trump further, “indoctrination being that white millenials and kids are coming to see that the black man is worthy to be alive and not shot for the flimsiest of reasons, from walking home late (Trayvon) to playing Music in car, to selling cigarette, to being at home and house entered by white police officer who may not have fired if she saw a white man. Their children begin to see that BLACK LIVES MATTER and for that, a whole independence/ 4th of July speech is dedicated to people asking not to be shot over flimsy reasons and STATUES of their oppressors and killers and rapists who killed Americans just to keep them as chattel not adorn their towns and streets….. In the midst of COVID19 and a collapsed economy and  40 million jobs lost, and more people dead than in any war including Vietnam and Korea, IT IS BLACK MEN ASKING TO NOT BE SHOT FOR LOUD MUSIC and that their LIVES MATTER is the topic for Trump.
And when all this is pointed out and root cause of the problems besetting the black man starting from slavery and the evidence of a continued disregard for Black lives evidenced by continued love for the CONFEDERATE FLAG and STATUES OF MURDeRERS adorning street and black parents having to explain to their children “ That man on the horse right in the middle of the city wanted to continue to have us in farms working without pay and to continue to rape your mothers and young boys and girls, he took up arms against the US and killed good white people that fought to make us free”
And for this, Trump dedicated a whole July 4 speech to BLM and to statues of hate and called these Americans protesting EVIL, same man that called Kli Klux Klan and white supremacists in Charlotte “very fine people” even when one of them drove a car into a crowd and killed a woman, something no BLM member has been hateful enough to do. But it is the black man and his fight not to be killed at every excuse that is EVIL.
They say MOVE ON but keep their knees on the black man’s neck
HE CAN’T BREATHE. Mamaaaa!!!

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