( Translated for the German Newspaper “ News Europa’-15th August 1951)

Johannes Friede, the well- known Johanniter monk was one of the most remarkable prophets of his time, We present herewith to our reader one of his revelations, handed down to us in our time through one of the modern seers, who lives in Linz on the Danube (The Editor)

….When one day the Great day comes in which humanity stands before its great and latest test that will be the time of conspicuous changes appearing in nature. Weather conditions will be undergoing fundamental changes caused by technical experiments which have their foundation in the depth of the earth and in the clouds. There will be greater contrast between cold and heat: thunderstorms will cause more catastrophic circumstances. Earthquakes will destroy whole countries and ocean will flood many low-lying lands. All these happenings are not due to natural causes, but they emanate from the result of men playing with their existence

Woe to all these forces of destruction. Before their work will be succeed there will be confusion in the world of the universe, and with the beginning of Aquarian Age, the Iron Age will cease to exist. When the nights are filled with cold and the days with heat, that will be the time when a new life in nature will begin. The great heat is caused by the radiations of the earth and the cold is due to the extinguished light of the sun. After only years will you be aware that the light of the sun has actually become weaker. When the forces of electricity fail to work, that will be the time when the great event happens in the firmament. The Great Bear ( Ursa Major) will be standing in close contact with the earth until it reaches eventually 500 times the size of the solar disc. The sunlight of the earth will be more and more overshadowed and the days will be more like moonlit nights They will not receive any light for the moon , but from Orion who in the light of Jupiter, will project its radiation unto the Great Bear in order to destroy light through its force, This will come about through the vibration of the sun and power in the ethereal plane, through which the world-structure drift towards disintergration.

The human and animal kingdoms at the time will be filled with fear and anxiety. Birds will no longer use their wings; instead they will be like crawling animals. The animals of the earth plane, full of fear and confusion will let out a terrible roaring cry, which causes human being to tremble. Men will take refuge in their homes and not wanting to see all awful things until total darkness is reached, lasting for three days and three nights.

During this time men will fall into semi-consciousness due to the absence of power of light. With many people sleep will be trance-like, from which they will never regain consciousness, even if they are being stimulated into activity through the renewed, reviving radiation of the sun, because those people s spirit spark has not been kept alive.

On the fourth day at sunrise your sun will once again shine in her brilliance. The earth’s surface will be covered in a layer of ashes similar to a layer of new fallen snow in winter, but with one difference- that the ashes are sulphur in color out of depth of the earth mist-like fumes arise resembling fire- like vapour filled with light

In the human kingdom one will find more dead than all the victims demanded by two world wars together, because many people on account of their weak conditions were not able to guard themselves against the destructive impression revealed by the prevailing dawn. They will fear death less than the approaching nearness of the Great Bear. The children of Light will be reading the Revelation in their homes by the light of a lamp, and in the palaces of the church the interpretation of the Great Comet will be revealed by the servants of Spirit- teaching.

On the seventh day after the appearance of the light the ashes will have been lifted from the surface of the earth, leaving behind a fertility never before known to human beings

Orion will direct the light radiation towards the earth, pointing the way towards the resting-place of the greatest and most sublime person who ever walked this earth. Those who survive will proclaim His Primordial teaching in peace and the millennium will be established with the proclamation of the messiah in the light of true brotherhood to the honour of the Creator and goodwill and harmony towards the whole of mankind.

Fr. Stroebel, L .

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