Flood Ravage Uzere, Ozoro, Iyede, Owhelogbo, Otor-Igho, Aradhe Communities, Sack hundreds from Homes by OVEDHE HEZEKIAH.

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A ravaging flood has submerged parts of Uzere and Ozoro the headquarters of Isoko North local government area of Delta State rendering hundreds of people homeless, farmlands destroyed as a result of unabated rain, the blockage of drains and water channels in the community. It is also believed that the flooding maybe due to global warming, therefore long time initiative by government is imperative
The floods which has also wrecked havoc in Owhelogbo, Otor-Igho, Aradhe, and Iyede communities all in Isoko North Local Government Council. Counting their losses, some of the residents whose houses where submerged by flood within Ozoro said, the reason why the floods submerged some parts of the community  whenever it rains is as a result of drainages and water channels that are blocked in the community.
According to one of the resident, Mrs Beatrice Orumour while counting her lost said; “As you can see no way for the water to flow down to the stream in the whole community. We have lost so many of our goods to this flood. My garri and other food items are wet.”
Also speaking, Mrs Oghenekome Fidelis appealed to the state and local government authorities to come to their aids by constructing drains and water channels across the various street in the community.
In her words; “As you can see that from the beginning of the community down to the end, there are no drains or water channels. So how can the water flow? If we have drains and water channels in our streets and along our roads. We can always clear it, in order to avert the flood.”
One of the flood victim who has been rendered homeless by the flood, Mrs Beatrice Adhe fought hard to hold back her tears as she disclosed that her children slept in different places while she always lay her head anywhere she found herself until some of her neighbors assisted her to secure an apartment where she kept her belongings.
Joshua Ubido, a father of two girls and a boy added that he had no hope anywhere having lost his home and belongings to the disaster. “I need help. I don’t know what to do now. I will be grateful if anyone can help me to survive this situation,” he stated.
When contacted, the President General of Ozoro Progressive Union, Prince Nicholas Areh, attributed the flood to negligence on the parts of residents who have built houses on water channels and blocked the drains that suppose channel the water to the stream.
He said; “This flood is as a result of the I don’t care attitude of our people. Some of them built their houses on water channels and the drains are all blocked with refuses. However, we have met the State Commissioner of Environment on how we can salvage the situation.
“We also met with CCC construction company  and as I speak with you, efforts are being put in place to clear some of the drainages and the various water channels in order for the water to flow down to the stream.”
In a related development, the Secretary to Isoko North Local Government Council, Mr Kome Ozue when contacted, said, “The Local Government authority through the assistance of the State Government has provide a Camp for the displace persons. We urge all those displaced by the flood to come to Alaka Grammar School were they are being taken care of. I also advice our people to always clear their drains in order to avert the reoccurrence of this situation they find themselves now.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Emiaso Emiakpo, a senior judiciary officer, who lives in Uzere said the present flood ravaging parts of Nigeria especially Isoko land is not just a natural phenomenon. “It is water that has traveled all the way from upper rivers Niger and Benue. It is not rain water! The rivers Niger and Benue traverse more than just Nigeria!”

According to him, this is a clear evidence that global warming is real. Water levels are rising all over the world as a result of global warming. The phenomena is therefore not likely to stop on its own and certainly not soon!
it is very likely to degenerate to an annual debacle and solving it requires international intervention. Science, technology and engineering will have major roles to play and, of course, huge finance!

He regretted that the Niger Delta had already suffered from the consequences of oil exploration and to expose the people of this area to flood problem was to wish them total annihilation. “The time to start looking at how to solve the problem is now. Solving it cannot lie in wishing that water levels should stop rising.”

“Solving it is more likely to lie in the proper channeling of the increased waters running down the creeks of the Niger Delta to the Atlantic ocean. It might also involve the dredging of not only the rivers Niger and Benue but some of the rivers and streams which abound plentifully in the Niger Delta.

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