The greatest problem of this regime is that we have a government that constantly preaches FINANCIAL and ADMINISTRATIVE MORALITY but whenever we want to subject it to same MORAL SCRUTINY, it becomes aggressive and its social media vuvuzelas go on the offensive.
NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of those accused of corruption today have NEVER been convicted by any court. The moment EFCC says you steal money, you are guilty as charged in the minds of Buhari e-kids.

Yet, when accusations of impropriety are leveled against any official of this regime, same people who bought the EFCC, Lai Mohammed and Osibajo stories HOOK, LINE and SINKER will start the usual tale: the said official is being vilified because he or she is fighting corruption. In other words, the worn-out line is slammed on our faces once again: CORRUPTION IS FIGHTING BACK.
At times, you ask if officials of this government are from heaven. If not some of these educated illiterates who defend them won’t be creating the impression that they have a greater stake in the enterprise called Nigeria more than the rest of us.
Folakemi Adeosun, the smooth-talking minister of finance, is NOT yet on trial. And she did NOT forge NYSC certificate as being claimed. She was accused of forging her Exemption Certificate. I read the Premium Times story and it was very weighty.
If truly this woman has been living off the public till since 2015 when she was appointed, it is NOT too much for her to prove her innocence. It is the path of honour.
It is greatest test of Buhari’s ‘famed’ integrity.
If in 1999 Salisu Buhari could be forced down disgracefully from his Speakership position, Adesoun and his defenders have no moral right to question our right to ask her to prove her innocence.
It is for her,  a Burden of Probity!

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