WHO IS “THE ACTUAL GOD?” by Dr. Seye Aluko.


It is truly amazing how billions of Christians cling rigidly to out-dated notions of faith and religious expression” no matter how illogical and implausible these are! It is as if there is a law that makes them believe the unbelievable, and accept the unacceptable.
In Christianity, (the world’s largest religion), its adepts are taught to believe every fable, parable, tale and  allegory reported in the “Holy Bible” is literarily and un-assailably true! The Holy Bible is often raised aloft by foot-stomping  preachers, who victoriously declare: “The Holy Bible tells me this,” or “the Holy Bible tells me that!” or he ends his charade with the words: “Christ said this,” or “Christ said that!” And all these utterances are made with all manner of verbal passion and persuasion.
According to all such Bible-thumping Christians, the Bible is the only “complete Truth,” and with an utter faith in it, one can never go wrong. According to them there  can be no further source of Truth apart from this “Holy Bible,” and the Bible is the letter of Truth to the last syllable, comma and question mark.
But how sad must this attitude be? Is it not known that the earliest of the so-called scriptures  were not recorded in the English language, but were belaboured from successive languages, translations and re-translations? The translations had to go through their original Hebrew, Jewish and Aramaic versions. How then can one boast of an accuracy after that?  Thus it is easy to realise that the Bible cannot be a perfect document, but rather it must be regarded as “a work in progress,” no matter what its adepts and followers say
Therefore it is seen that every translation of all the key parables, statements and fables existing in the Bible of today, cannot be regarded to making, nominal, partial or even common- sense at all, but they must be viewed with great care and circumspection.
Almighty God must not be presumed to proceed to act in an illogical and absurd way when He issued His instructions and counter instructions, to the Israelites to “wipe out” entire tribes of people, right down to their livestock, to the sheep, rams, camels, cattle and fowl.
How can God be a Being that conscripts sinners to a mythical “hell-fire,” which hell-fire is a place of eternal alleged torment by burning? The philosophy of the existence of a “hell-fire” is merely another selfish strategy of the church to frighten its parish slaves and congregations into an unquestioning compliance in every minor detail of adherence to its laws.
And let us leave a discussion of the suspicious practice of ”tithing” to another essay.
Now let us begin with an enumeration of the numerous foibles that exist throughout the length and breadth of the “Holy Bible.” Let us start with the fable of Adam and Eve in the “Garden of Eden,” in which fable Eve was tempted, and fell to the wiles of the serpent, and due to her succumbing to the deceit of this reptile, every man and woman on earth is exposed to the so-called “original sin.” In this fable Adam was tempted by Eve to devour a certain fruit (an apple) and in the enactment of this crime, every evil entered into this world.
There cannot be any other sequence of events so ludicrous and so befitting as being labeled a “fairy-tale” as does this tale of Adam and Eve.
The entire humanity by this single act, fell into disgrace and error. This entire story is an entire concoction! It does not make sense. It is illogical that God would “set up and entrap his first human couple in such a way!
And we then proceed to the tale of Noah and his “ark” (by whom on God’s instruction, Noah was ordered to transport a pair of every beast on this earth). This transport of animals was to be from the massive elephant, to the smallest of antsI The remainder of earth’s denizens were to be simply “drowned.” But let us ask ourselves, during this great  flood in this magnificent ark, how was it possible for each and every  pair of all the beasts, (the lions included) to feed? Surely the food of the lion is the antelope! I Therefore  put it to you that the lion and the antelope could not have co-existed in this same ship. But that in performing its natural function of feeding, the lions would have to deplete the stock of the other less violent animals! Therefore the tale of Noah and his ark cannot hold water for any thinking man.
Continuing along this train of thought, the Bible paints Almighty God as being blood-thirsty in the way He instructs the Children of Israel to slaughter entire tribes and peoples, up and also including their herds and livestock, cattle, camels and birds. As earlier stated, Almighty God is supposed to have ordered the complete slaughter of camels, cattle, chickens and rams. This cannot be right! And therefore the tale of Almighty God being violent must be completely false.
It is now high time for the Christian to have a re-think of all the postulations he has so disgracefully imbibed! He must re-think all these Biblical un-truths! These notions cannot be swallowed up “hook, line and sinker!” These conceptions do a great disservice to the “Actual God!” And the question we must now ask is: “Who is the Actual God?” These have sprung up uncontrollably like mushrooms after an over-night rain. These misconceptions  have so uncontrollably spread, that churches do not now even understand the exact role of Jesus Christ, the “Son of God.”
The theme, the concept, and the Personality of Jesus Christ, are consistently mis-represented by Christendom The mis-representation is patently and absolutely false! Christ is no ram, sheep or goat, willingly led to  slaughter sanctioned by a consenting Almighty God, which slaughter is a celebrated action to free the whole of earth’s humanity from the burden of its own sins. Neither is Christ a camel, horse or donkey on whose back thousands of indolent Christians can wallow sheepishly, and lazily enter into the sacred bowels of Paradise! Almighty God is neither so rude, or so crude that He demands as a sacrifice a spilling of the blood of Christ at Calvary.
It is high time to make alterations from our previous ways of thinking about things. It is time to alter the schedule of humanity, to repent of all our previous errors that have be-clouded our judgments. Why are there so many diseases and pandemics, forest-fires, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, tidal instabilities, hurricanes, mudslides volcanic eruptions etc in the earth of today? Does the real and “actual God” not see all of these things? Then why does He not stop them? Why should pandemics and diseases afflict this already so-distressed, restless and so-troubled earth? Why should there now be the revolting and rampaging Coronavirus pandemic which virus has brought the entire world to its knees? All these occurrences are an ample proof that the world is entering into a new age. But what is this age?
For great ages there have already been prophecies, and fore warnings of the advents of precipitous events, of plagues, catastrophes and pestilences, all of which now are coming to pass. For instance the Contravirus” or Covid 19 pandemic has brought the mightiest and the richest nation on earth, (the United States of America) to its knees, has all but halted air travel,. It has even physically smitten the greatest of world leaders, such as Donald Trump (The United States), Emmanuel Macron (France) and Boris Johnson (Britain). But why is every person silent? Why can the priests not explain to the world the causes of the affliction? The reason is because they do not know!
For any person who in the world of today who cannot notice that the earth is embroiled and locked up in widespread and violent unrest, should have his head  examined by the world’s most competent and renowned  doctors of the human mind. But let us now proceed to introduce the Personality of the present age who can teach and unravel the traits and the behavior of “The Actual God.
Oscar Ernst Bernhardt is the Truth-Bringer of German descent, who had his early training in Germany and Austria. A Truth-Bringer is a Servant or Envoy of God sent down to earth to disseminate God’s Word. Bernhardt’s initial training was in commerce, but he later changed into being a writer and an author of great renown in Austria. After a while Bernhardt started being addressed by his pen name “Abd ru shin,” which word is a translation from the original Arabic, and means “Son of the Holy Spirit.”But when Bernhardt became a great writer, he adopted his pen name “Abd ru shin,” which name when translated from the Arabic means “Son of the Holy-Spirit!”
At the time Abd ru shin wrote the Grail Message he felt the inner urge to help mankind out of their all-pervasive error, ands to again direct them along the true path that leads to the Peace of God.
Abd ru shin penned His great book of Truths in a 168 compendium of lectures, and  titled it “The Grail Message, In The Light of Truth.”
So how can we know about the “Actual God” Who is not the fairy-tale God of the Biblical Old and New Testaments? How do we decipher the “Actual God,” Who according to Biblical statements appeared to Moses (The Deliverer from the oppression of the bondage of the Israelites in Egypt), in the Bible, with the following words:
“Moreover [the Lord said], I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God.
                                     (Exodus 3:6).
God speaks to man in the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic where every type of the world’s indices is turned upside down. In the world of today it is no longer “business as usual!”
Abd ru shin, in his explanations of the causes of the ferment taking place on the earth of, is able to remove the “speck of dust” or “the log of wood”, in the eyesight of the man of this world, if he (man) would allow him to do so. He removes the cobwebs that besmirch man’s gaze and prevent him recognising the “Actual God.” The Actual God does not need to place a Jonah in the belly of a whale, or to afflict Job with a camel load of problems. The actual God does not need to place Daniel in a lion’s den, or destroy the world in a flood. The actual God does not need to perform all manner of plausible and implausible miracles to prove His identity and drop his “calling-card,” to show that He alone is truly God! God will not countermand His own Laws. Abd ru shin is able to separate fact from fiction! Abd ru shin’s Grail Message is extensive and details every Truth upon this earth. On the subject of the pestilences ravaging earth, Abd ru shin writes that these signs of pestilences are really signs of progress, they are signs of the purification, signs of better times ahead! Abd ru shin states:
“Rejoice; for [this] Divine Justice is near! It is already working in every country on earth! Look at the confusion! This is the effect of the “approaching” Will of God! It is the sign of the purification!
“FOR THIS REASON EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG AMONG MEN IS ALREADY NOW MEETING WITH  ITS DOOM, be it in economics, the state, politics, the churches, sects, peoples, families and also in the “individual! Everything, everything is now dragged before the Light, so that it may reveal and simultaneously judge itself therein! Also what has hitherto been able to remain hidden must reveal itself as it really is, must become active, and finally, despairing of itself and others, disintegrate and turn to dust.
“Thus even now there is a boiling up under the pressure of the Light in all countries, everywhere. Every kind of tribulation is increasing to the point of despair, until finally nothing remains but hopelessness, with the “realization that the would-be-saviours had only empty words besides selfish desires, but could offer no help! Spiritual warriors are sweeping over all humanity, and striking sharply where a head refuses to bow.
“Only then will there be the right soil that pleads once more for God’s help! After murder and fire, starvation, PESTILENCE and death, after man has recognized his own incapacity.
The great up-building begins.
(Submission. Pgs. 154 –155 (excerpted), The Grail Message of Abd ru shin).

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